Protect the Devices That Connect Our Professional and Personal Lives.

Powered by telemetry from over 185 million mobile apps and 200 million devices running modern operating systems like iOS, Android and ChromeOS. Lookout Mobile Endpoint Security (MES) is the industry’s most advanced platform to deliver mobile Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR). Addressing the evolving security requirements for mobile devices, even as compliance standards expand.

Scalable, unified platform to protect managed or unmanaged iOS, Android, and ChromeOS devices.

Organizations lack insight into how mobile devices handle data, making it impossible to know how much additional risk they’re exposed to. As employees use mobile devices more each day, attacks that target mobile users and the data they can access have increased.

Gain visibility into the risk posed by mobile devices and users across your organization.
Analyze privacy risks, security issues, and application origins for mobile apps deployed on corporate devices.
Protect against threats on both managed and unmanaged mobile devices.
Mitigate the risk of credential and multifactor authentication compromise.
Product Description

Lookout Mobile Endpoint Security (MES) is powered by telemetry from hundreds of millions of mobile apps, devices, and web items to detect mobile compromise and phishing attacks. Its modular design makes it highly scalable and highly effective.

Implement phishing and content protection.

Protect against websites trying to compromise employee credentials and sites delivering malware with advanced domain analysis and encryption.

Minimize threats with adaptive access control.

Prevent unauthorized access to your apps and data by continuously evaluating the risk posture of users and their mobile device during their session.

Expand your Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) to cover mobile devices.

Leverage our streaming detection engine to analyze telemetry and detect anomalous behavior, then respond and remediate with available integrations.

Get protection that goes beyond just device management.

Get comprehensive security that keeps users, devices, and data safe from mobile threats, not just the basic guardrails of mobile device management.

Get the ultimate guide to identifying security gaps in mobile management.

Key Capabilities

Deliver robust mobile Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR).

  • The industry’s most advanced mobile Endpoint Detection and Response solution.
  • IT and Security teams can extend zero trust policies to any device that has access to corporate data to minimize risk exposure.
  • Continuously evaluate the risk posture of every user and mobile device throughout their session.
  • Automatically end the session if the risk posture changes and inform both the user and admin of the threat so it can be remediated.
  • Reduce risk by implementing a zero trust framework across every device, app, and user.

Protect from internal and external cyber threats

  • Detect, alert, and prevent insider threats with integrated user behavior analytics and anti-malware antivirus protection.
  • Enable your workers to access and use the information they need without concern for misuse. 

Protect users and devices from threats.

  • Get mobile endpoint security that protects against all four threat categories - phishing and content, malicious apps, device compromise, and risky network connections.
  • Implement a strong mobile threat defense for both managed and unmanaged iOS, Android and ChromeOS devices against the entire spectrum of mobile risk.
  • Automatically detect and protect against known and unknown mobile threats thanks to the world’s largest mobile dataset of security telemetry from over 215 million mobile devices and 269 million apps.

Integrate seamlessly with your existing infrastructure.

  • Improve and expand on your mobile device security by integrating Lookout with existing mobile device management (MDM) and SIEM solutions.

Proof of Value

Easy and Effective Lookout Deployment

We deployed Lookout on a very small group of users, all company devices. Administration of policies and deployment is effortless compared to other products, and the footprint on devices is very small... Overall a very good experience.

Infrastructure and Operations

<50M USD

April 20, 2022
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Lookout For Work Is Critical To Securing Mobile Endpoints

Lookout for Work has been very easy to utilize and provides a great single pane of glass view for endpoint security on iOS and Android devices. The platform is simple to navigate and does a great job showing the current status of all devices.

Infrastructure and Operations

<50M USD

April 19, 2022
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Reliable Product and Service

Very easy to work with. Our rep and tech service support person are both highly responsive. Managing the dashboard, online portal, removing & adding users, and staying on top of risks and vulnerabilities has been straightforward.

Knowledge Specialist

<50M USD

April 19, 2022
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One platform to protect it all.

Built on our data-centric cloud security platform, Lookout delivers a seamlessly unified approach for end-to-end zero trust.

Today, digital information moves without boundaries or limits. Get security that moves with it.

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