Stop Cyberattacks Before They Start With Industry-Leading Threat Intelligence.

Lookout Threat Intelligence uses the world's largest mobile security dataset to power both our Threat Advisory Service and Mobile EDR solution. Get insights and guidance on what to watch for and what steps to take to strengthen your data protection.

The better your intelligence is, the less exposure you’ll have.

Security teams need all the intelligence they can get in order to combat sophisticated, evasive cyber attacks. By leveraging advanced mobile threat intelligence, they can reconstruct killchains, respond to attacks, and proactively hunt for threats.

Leverage the industry's best mobile threat researchers with Threat Advisory.
Stay ahead of attackers with visibility into global threat trends that help you build a stronger security strategy.
Build proactive protection policies based on research that indicates what risks could be most threatening to your organization.
Get equally comprehensive activity monitoring for mobile devices and traditional endpoints.

Cutting-edge threat intelligence from our global sensor network of millions of mobile devices.

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Product Description

Lookout Threat Intelligence offers insight into tough questions about mobile threats, the global threat landscape, security policy implementation, and how to block advanced campaigns from infiltrating your infrastructure and compromising your data.

Gain access to a global powerhouse of security data.

Get the most advanced mobile threat intelligence from our global network of devices and insights from our top mobile security researchers.

Close gaps with mobile Endpoint Detection and Response.

Leverage our streaming detection engine to analyze telemetry, detect anomalous behavior, and take action on threats to your mobile devices.

Get analyses and recommendations from our threat research team.

Key Capabilities

Leverage the world's top mobile threat researchers.

  • Our team is constantly researching the latest malware campaigns, zero-day exploits, nation-state surveillanceware activities, and phishing campaigns. 
  • Monthly threat reports give insight into new mobile APT campaigns, trending threat families, and breakdowns of global exposure to various threats.
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Research, detect, and respond to threats with ease.

  • To enable SOCs to detect and respond to mobile incidents, Lookout analyzes thousands of data points collected from over 215 million iOS, Android and Chrome OS devices as well as over 269 million mobile apps.
  • When an incident occurs, the Lookout console provides analysts with tools to conduct incident response investigations.
  • For mobile app incidents, this includes the ability to write complex queries over Lookout’s unmatched mobile security graph that has analyzed over 269 million apps.
  • This ability to turn data into intelligence enables security teams to understand the extent and impact of an incident and determine if there is a larger campaign or adjacent threats.

Proof of Value

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Lookout is a part of the Google App Defense Alliance, which helps Google identify malicious apps before they’re uploaded to the Play store in order to protect customers.

Status 2021 Award Logo on a dark background

Since 2016 Lookout has discovered over 1200 of the most advanced mobile malware families in the world.

One platform to protect it all.

Built on our data-centric cloud security platform, Lookout delivers a seamlessly unified approach for end-to-end zero trust.

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