Lookout Threat Intelligence is the world's largest searchable mobile threat dataset.

Lookout Threat Intelligence

The Lookout Mobile Intelligence Center is unique.

Only Lookout can provide searchable insight into the world's mobile apps and threats through a unique dataset of mobile code built from more than 100 million sensors and exclusive security partnerships with some of the world’s largest app stores.

Lookout Mobile Threat Intelligence

See emerging mobile threats

Mobile threats continue to increase in sophistication. The Lookout Mobile Intelligence Center enables you to track mobile threats emerging over-the-horizon through in-depth app analyses and behavioral profiling.

  • Obtain global visibility
  • Accelerate investigations and threat responses
  • Boost analyst firepower
Lookout Mobile Threat Intelligence

Investigate attacks on mobile infrastructure

Attacks on sensitive mobile infrastructure can lead to data theft that damages organizations and individuals. The Lookout Mobile Intelligence Center offers access to the leading platform to investigate and monitor mobile attacks in real time.

  • Protect sensitive mobile networks
  • Mobile device forensics interface
  • Available threat investigation support 


Advance Queries

Perform Advanced Queries

Create detailed custom queries by malware type, location, and capability

Access Experts

Access The Experts

Get a direct line to the most knowledgeable mobile security team in the world

Global Threats

Identify Global Threats

Perform rapid, deep investigations into mobile apps across all geographies, carriers and devices

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