U.S. Government Threat Report

Lookout data reveals that U.S. government organizations are increasingly targeted by credential stealing mobile attacks and exposed to hundreds of vulnerabilities from outdated operating systems and risky apps.

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Your mission has evolved beyond the perimeter

Whether your agency is tasked with defense or providing healthcare, telework is now an essential part of your mission’s success. Taking advantage of cloud applications and mobility, your employees can now stay productive regardless of where they are or the type of device they use. But to capture this boosted productivity, you need to ensure you provide seamless but secure access to your infrastructure.

Your agency is exposed to new risks

Telework uncovered previously untapped productivity but it also exposes your agency to new risks. With workers often using personal devices and networks you don’t manage, you no longer have the same visibility and control you had inside your perimeter. Advanced threat actors already have the resources to put themselves miles ahead of government agencies. Now, they have new points into your infrastructure.

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) recommends deploying Zero Trust. With users now working from anywhere and your data follows them, this means security needs to span from the endpoint all the way to your cloud applications.

Achieve Zero Trust with real-time risk assessment

The Lookout security platform ensures your Zero Trust access spans from endpoint to cloud. We give you full visibility and control over what’s happening across your agency so you can implement precise controls, enhance security with multi-factor authentication and give dynamic access to those that need it. 

We continuously monitor the risk level of your endpoints and users, ensuring that threats such as ransomware and insider threats are detected. We also aggregate all the insights so you can hunt for threats and conduct forensic investigations into advanced cyber attacks.

Lookout is the only mobile security solution to achieve FedRAMP JAB P-ATO.

Lookout is the only mobile security solution to achieve FedRAMP JAB P-ATO. As a result, any agency can submit an ATO and you can save the time and resources needed to perform your own security risk assessment before deploying Lookout. You can benefit from the diligence performed by the chief information officers from the Department of Defense (DoD), the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), and the General Services Administration (GSA). With Lookout, you can trust that all the essential technical security measures are in place.

Key solutions for your agency

Empower cloud access with precise control

Provide granular access to your cloud so you don’t expose the rest of your data.

Provide precise cloud access

Modernize secure connectivity to on-prem apps

Ensure your on-premise apps have the same security and access capabilities as cloud apps.

Replace my VPN

Secure the device you use the most

Secure your mobile devices against app, device, network and phishing threats as well as advanced file-less attacks.

Secure my mobile endpoints

Inform your threat team with cutting edge intelligence

Get early insight into cyber threats affecting your agency.

Stay up to date with the latest intelligence

Hunt for threats and investigate incidents

Stop breaches and ransomware and investigate advanced cyber attacks.

Prevent advanced cyber attacks


3 Key Considerations: Maintain Agency Cybersecurity in the BYOD Era

As agencies begin to contemplate the possibility of a more permanent telework culture and continue to mature remote work tools and technologies, however, the main question becomes: How can government successfully secure remote employees for the long-term?

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Lookout now delivers integrated security from endpoint to cloud

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