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Everything is now interconnected

To remain competitive during the Industry 4.0 revolution, you reinvented the way you operate your manufacturing business. From the design studio to the shop floors of your smart factories to how you interact with business partners – everything is now interconnected. Equipped with mobile devices and cloud apps, your employees can now design and build new products with unparalleled efficiency.

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A single attack can result in a data breach

With your factories, supply chain and employees interconnected, your intellectual property (IP) is more at risk of exposure than ever. According to the 2020 Verizon Mobile Security Index, 41% of manufacturers admitted to suffering suffered a mobile-related compromise.

Every device is linked to your data, including the tablets and phones your workers use, and each is a potential entry point into your infrastructure. Because your business is so interconnected, a single phishing or ransomware attack can result in a data breach or bring your production line to an immediate halt.

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Secure your data regardless of where you work

As your employees use mobile devices to work with intellectual property, and monitor manufacturing and inventory processes, you need security that works even when they are away from the shop floor and the office. Lookout protects your mobile endpoints even when they are unmanaged or outside the protection of perimeter-based security. We continuously monitor for phishing, app, device and network-based mobile threats so you can protect your sensitive data, stop breaches and remain productive.

How can Lookout help you?

Zero Trust: Ensure that only secure devices can access intellectual property.

Access to your infrastructure should be granted based on an assumption of zero trust. In addition, access should be modified in real time when the risk level of the device changes. Whether your devices are managed or not, you need to continuously monitor their health to ensure they don’t compromise your organization. With Lookout Continuous Conditional Access, you can permit only the devices that have an acceptable risk level to connect to your infrastructure and access your intellectual property.

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Mobile EDR: Not every attack uses malicious code.

In addition to blocking malware, your team needs tools to investigate file-less cyberattacks that do not use malware. To be effective at stopping data breaches, security teams need the same comprehensive telemetry data for mobile endpoints that they have for servers, desktops and laptops. Lookout mobile endpoint detection and response empowers you with the same research and threat hunting tools our security analysts have used to expose some of the most sophisticated mobile threats ever found.

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Success Story

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Case Study

Schneider Electric rapidly deploys security to global fleet

Schneider Electric is one of the global leaders in energy management and automation solutions, with operations in over 100 countries. Learn about how an organization with 50,000 mobile devices was able to seamlessly deploy and integrate mobile security.

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