Mobile workers have access to more than just email

We don’t need to be in the office to stay productive anymore. Cloud apps and personal devices have enabled us to connect to work from anywhere. This opens up endless possibilities for your employees to efficiently get their work done regardless of whether they’re physically present in the office.

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The freedom to work anywhere comes with risks

The freedom phones and tablets has given us comes with risks. Each of us now represent a remote office network that needs to be secure. As we continue to work outside the reach of legacy perimeter security, there’s no guarantee of who or what device you can trust.

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Why you need a Zero Trust strategy for mobile

To fully protect your organization in this climate, you have to assume that no device is trustworthy until its risk level is verified. Lookout implements Zero Trust by enabling you to continuously evaluate the risk level of your employees’ smartphones and tablets regardless of the network they’re on, ensuring that your corporate data is not compromised.

From analyzing hundreds of millions of devices and apps, we deliver modern endpoint protection that detects any threat even if we haven’t seen it before. This is how our data-driven solution is able to safeguard your employees and your business without impacting their privacy.

How can Lookout help you?

Zero Trust for office productivity apps

Cloud productivity suites such as Office 365 and Google Workspace are some of the most common ways employees connect to your enterprise data from their phones and tablets. In fact, mobile users of these cloud apps are twice more likely to encounter phishing attacks.

Lookout Continuous Conditional Access integrates seamlessly with Office 365 and Google Workspace to work behind the scenes and dynamically monitor your employees’ devices while they use cloud productivity apps to access your data.

Mobile Zero Trust for Microsoft Office 365

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Mobile Zero Trust for Google Workspace

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Learn more about mobile Zero Trust

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Putting the trust in Zero Trust

Your office perimeter has disappeared rendering your legacy security technologies obsolete. And in this environment, you no longer know who or what device to trust. Read this paper to understand why Zero Trust is critical to your mobile security strategy.

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