Workers need access from anywhere

Being productive in the workplace no longer means you need to be present at the office. The advent of cloud and remotely-accessible infrastructure enables anyone to work and collaborate from anywhere and any device. Regardless of where an employee is located, you need to enable secure access to all resources that your workers need to get their job done.

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The freedom to work anywhere comes with risks

While the ability to work from anywhere has skyrocketed productivity, it has also created additional risks. Employees are working outside the safety of your traditional perimeter using devices and networks that you don’t control. 

Many organizations rely on Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) to enable access. This can be very risky and allow unknown endpoints and networks to access your entire infrastructure.

Learn about vulnerabilities in the Pulse Secure VPN

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Why you need a Zero Trust strategy for mobile

In this complex hybrid work environment, you must assume that nothing is trustworthy until proven otherwise. Lookout enables you to implement a Zero Trust approach to securing your organization’s infrastructure, apps, and resources regardless of where they reside. We continuously evaluate the unique risk level of each employee’s account, device and network to ensure that your corporate data is not compromised. 

Lookout gives you complete visibility into what’s going on from endpoint to cloud. With integrated insights, you can implement granular policies that don't overexpose your data. By understanding what your users need, we enable you to dial in precise and dynamic access so your users only have access to what they need to stay productive.

How Zero Trust protects against Account takeover

Lookout Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) delivers Zero Trust from endpoint to cloud

You need to maintain control of your data as it goes wherever your employees are. This is where SASE comes in, delivering protection in the cloud like you still have a perimeter. At Lookout, we’ve integrated endpoint security with SASE to protect your data in a manner that respects personal privacy.

Endpoint to cloud Zero Trust coverage

Secure your data with endpoint-to-cloud visibility and control so you can provide precise and dynamic Zero Trust access.

Secure my data from anywhere

Conditional access for mobile devices

To ensure your data is secure, you need to continuously assess the risk level of the endpoints your workers use the most.

Zero Trust for mobile endpoints

Secure cloud apps to enable productivity from anywhere

Safeguard your infrastructure and data by only giving granular access to your cloud apps to those you trust.

Zero Trust cloud access

Modernize your legacy infrastructure and apps

Access to on-premises resources shouldn’t be all or nothing. Secure remote data access with granular and dynamic policies that match the user and device’s risk posture

Replace my VPN with Zero Trust

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Lookout now delivers integrated security from endpoint to cloud

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