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Critical Mobile Phishing Trends

Remote work and BYOD have caused the number of employee phishing victims to rise at an alarming rate.

The State of Remote Work Security 2023 (Infographic)

Lookout surveyed 3,000 remote and hybrid workers from across the globe to highlight the behaviors of remote workers that put an organization at risk.

Pulse + Lookout Survey Ransomware Infographic

Pulse surveyed over 300 decision-makers to learn: how many have experienced ransomware, and what the outcomes were.

A Day in the Life of Manufacturing IP

5 security gaps driven by digital transformation

U.S. Federal Mobile Threats

Lookout analyzed its mobile security data to provide a view into the current mobile security risks facing US Federal government mobile users.

3 Tough Questions About Your Data Protection

Here are three questions to think about when it comes to protecting your on-premise data.

Cybercriminals Want Your Organization’s Login Credentials

Read why government agencies need protection against endpoint threats.cDownload the infographic now to get the stats

Your App Is Your Business

Embed security into the apps your patients and staff use to protect your practice.

Don’t Let Mobile Devices Tip the Scales

To better secure your firm, understand the threats mobile devices introduce.

Dont’t Let Ransomware Paralyze Your Organization

Ransomware attacks have spiked amidst the shift to hybrid work. Find out what you should know and what to do.

Cybercriminals Want Secret Pharma Recipes

Learn how to mitigate risks of a data breach across your supply chain.

Why Can’t Traditional Endpoint Security Protect Mobile?

Productivity has changed, so should your security.

3 Reasons Why Mobile EDR Is Critical

Protect-the-endpoint is no longer enough.

The Spectrum of Mobile Risk

Lookout has developed the Mobile Risk Matrix to help organizations understand the components and vectors that make up the spectrum of mobile risk.

Mobile Security Made Easy for Small Business

Securing corporate data from risks shouldn’t be a roadblock for productivity, but rather a set of practices to ensure employees aren’t putting their organizations at risk.

MTD-MDM-MAM Comparison – Healthcare (HIPAA)

With over 32 million patient records breached in 2019 , the healthcare industry must refine its security strategy to get ahead of hackers. Here's which strategy to use.

Caring for Patients Isn’t Your Only Job

Your healthcare data infrastructure is a lucrative target for cyberattackers because it holds protected health information that is strictly regulated and must be secure.

MTD-MDM-MAM Comparison

This guide compares the cybersecurity capabilities of MTD, MDM, and MAM relative to the spectrum of mobile risk

PSD2 – Driving the Need To Secure Mobile Banking Apps

Cyber criminals, have upped the ante on targeting mobile app users. This is driving increased regulation, mandating additional security for mobile banking and payment apps.

Mobile App Threat Killchain

Mobile app threats are prevalent and can be difficult to detect. The most common examples are sideloaded and unsecured apps, but there are many other forms.

Don’t Let Mobile Devices Cause the Next Big Heist

Financial services industry employees and customers rely on mobile devices and threat actors are constantly finding ways to exploit them to access cloud infrastructure.

MDM vs MAM vs MTD – Guidance for Financial Services

With employees accessing sensitive business data from mobile devices, many organizations deploy MDM and MAM with the belief that these solutions will protect enterprises.

Mobile Phishing Killchain Infographic

Lookout defends mobile users against phishing, app, device, and network-based attacks. By protecting users, Lookout secures the corporate data accessed from those devices.

Financial Services Mobile Apps Are Under Attack

Phishing is more problematic on mobile

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