Consolidating IT Security? Here’s Why You Need a Data-Centric Platform

Read this e-book to learn why Lookout’s endpoint-to-cloud approach is uniquely positioned to reduce the complexity of your IT security.

Avoid a Meltdown by Modernizing IT Security

Organizations hold onto their outdated systems because they don’t see the sense in changing something that is working, but it only takes one change to cause a major meltdown.

A Security Work Stream Is Critical to IT Modernization

IT cloud modernization is a great way to drive sales growth, have the edge over your competitors, and boost your employees’ productivity while enabling greater collaboration.

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Don’t Think Twice, Modern IT is Alright: Top Ways to Modernize Your IT Today (ft. Faz Sadikali, Cloud Insights)

Organizations are making big decisions to implement cloud solutions to boost collaboration and gain competitive advantage. But many aren’t prepared to handle the risks that cloud services introduce. In this episode of Security Soapbox, host Hank Schless talks shop with Faz Sadikali, Founder of Cloud Insights, on how to build secure workstreams and level up IT to reap the benefits of the cloud while ensuring data remains secure.

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