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Understanding Mobile App Risks

As organizations embrace smartphones and tablets in the workplace as a primary way for their workers to access data. But with greater flexibility comes greater risks.

Lookout Security Platform Bundles Brochure

Because they now sit at the intersection of your work and personal lives, mobile devices are with you from the moment you wake up to when you go to sleep.

Why Lookout App Defense for Mobile is a Need for Financial Services

As more organization pivot to remote work, learn why proactive mobile embedded app defense is a must-have for financial services.

Modern Endpoint Protection

Traditional endpoint protection does not protect all of your endpoints, learn how Lookout protects against app, device, and network threats.

Lookout Mobile Endpoint Security

Security on mobile devices is often overlooked, creating a gap in your security architecture. Don't overlook the most used endpoint.

Protect Your Customers’ With Embedded AppDefense

Secure your cloud collaboration and productivity with full visibility and control.

Lookout Discovery – Chinese Surveillanceware

Lookout is constantly discovering and researching new threats to protect and advise our customers

Lookout + Buguroo Partnership Brief

Web and mobile apps have become a key part of everyday life to manage everything from booking travel to handling finances. This rise has also led to more attacks.

Mobile Security Made Easy for Small Business

Securing corporate data from risks shouldn’t be a roadblock for productivity, but rather a set of practices to ensure employees aren’t putting their organizations at risk.

Lookout for Small Business + Google G Suite

Enabling secure productivity of your mobile workforces.

Lookout for Small Business + Microsoft Office 365

Small businesses are increasingly relying on Microsoft Office 365 to enable their employees to work how they want and where they want. However, this comes with a big risk.

Lookout App Defense SDK

Smartphone apps have become an integral part of everyday life. Proactively protect your customers’ data and account credentials on mobile with Lookout App Defense.

Lookout Integrations and Alliances Overview

As the leading provider of mobile security, Lookout integrates with tools that help organizations benefit from unified security, visibility, and management of endpoints.

Lookout for App Defense PSD2 Mobile Banking Regulation

Key security goals set by the Regulatory Technical Standards for PSD2 are the ability to detect malware and provide a security to mitigate risk on user devices.

Lookout and Microsoft Partnering To Enable Secure Mobility

Organizations are increasingly adopting mobile management strategies for mobile, but in today’s evolving threat landscape it’s more challenging than ever to stay secure.

Monokle Technical Report

What is Monokle, and why can it possess remote access trojan (RAT) functionality? Discover more with Lookout & the landscape of mobile threat intelligence.

Proactively Protect Your Customers’ Data and Account Credentials on Mobile

Smartphone apps have become an integral part of everyday life. Almost every company is now investing in mobile apps to deliver innovative services to their customers.

Protect Your Customers’ Data and Account Credentials on Mobile

Mobile apps have become an integral part of everyday life. To win consumer engagement, almost every company is investing in mobile apps to deliver services to customers.

Why Purchase Lookout App Defense

Advanced mobile app protection against customer data compromise and fraud.

Dark Caracal Technical Report

Dark Caracal Technical Report Executive Summary & Key Findings

Lookout Threat Advisory

Lookout Threat Advisory taps into the massive dataset from Lookout’s global sensor network to give you actionable intelligence on the latest mobile threats and risks.

Pegasus for iOS Technical Report

Pegasus is highly advanced in its use of zero-days, obfuscation, encryption, and kernel-level exploitation.

Pegasus for Android Technical Report

Chrysaor is the Android variant of the Pegasus surveillanceware. Discover how the threat uses an otherwise well-known rooting technique called Framaroot.

The Pegasus Attack: How To Determine if You’re Impacted

Get visual, step-by-step instructions on how to determine if you've been affected by Pegasus.

Technical Analysis of Pegasus Whitepaper

Read Lookout's investigation into this highly sophisticated espionage software. The attack takes advantage of how essential mobile devices in our lives.

Mobile Threat Protection

Lookout Mobile Threat Protection is a security solution for your mobile workforce to view and defeat evolving mobile threats.

The Internet-Based Threats Putting Your Organization at Risk

As you embrace the productivity boost that comes with using the internet as your default corporate network, you need to stay vigilant against these internet-based threats.

Lookout Obtains FedRAMP JAB P-ATO for SASE: What It Means for You

As the federal government continues to emphasize the importance of Zero Trust, Lookout has achieved a major milestone to aid in those efforts.

Energy Industry Faced with 161% Surge in Mobile Phishing

To help the energy industry react to evolving cyber threats, Lookout today published the 2021 Lookout Energy Industry Threat Report.

Malware as a Service Meets Mobile Phishing: A Dangerous Combo

This campaign is the latest example of how attacks are leveraging various mobile-targeting methods to maximize their return.

When Legit Apps Turn Malicious. Hint: It Happens Often

A popular Android app Barcode Scanner was recently found to be infected with adware. After an update in late 2020, it started pushing advertising to users without warning.

Top Three Threats Facing US Government Employees Amid Telework

All levels of government are increasingly exposed to credential-harvesting mobile attacks as well as risks from adware and outdated operating systems.

Goontact: Spyware Used by Sextortionists | iOS/Android Blackmail

The Lookout Threat Intelligence team has discovered a new mobile app threat targeting iOS and Android users in Chinese speaking countries, Korea and Japan.

Pharma on the Hook: Cyberattackers Phishing for Your Secret Formulas

We found that 77 percent of mobile phishing attempts on pharmaceutical organizations through the third quarter of 2020 intended on delivering malware.

Lookout Partners With Google To Protect Users From App Risk

With this partnership, Lookout can stop malicious apps before they become a threat by scanning apps submitted to the Google Play Store before they are available for download.

New Surveillanceware Developed by Russian Defence Contractor

Monokle is a new and sophisticated set of custom Android surveillanceware tools developed by the Russia-based company, Special Technology Centre, Ltd.

The mAPT Has Arrived

Mobile has emerged as a key component of the Advanced Persistent Threat arsenal and is the ideal weapon for cyber espionage.

3 Insights From the Gartner Hype Cycle for Mobile Security 2017

Gartner recently released its July 2017 Hype Cycle for Mobile Security 2017, confirming that mobile threat defense (MTD) has matured as a key enterprise security technology.

Understanding the Data: How To Think About Mobile Malware Encounter Rates

Enterprises often overlook mobile security risks because they are focused on seemingly low encounter rates for specific threats in the wild.

Data Compromise via Mobile Threats: Enterprises Are Facing Attacks

Mobile threats are more complex than a piece of malware in a third-party app store. In this blog post we dissect the “threats” component of the Mobile Risk Matrix.

First iOS Malware Outbreak | How Many Devices Affected?

XcodeGhost is the latest example that iOS devices, indeed any device, can be subject to attack and that even a highly-curated app store can contain malicious apps.

Unmasking Pegasus: Understand the Threat & Strengthen Your Defense

Join Lookout for 30 minutes as we discuss our initial identification of Pegasus, how Pegasus works, its history, and campaigns.

Lookout | GovLoop Academy

This course, developed in collaboration with Lookout, explores the key risks of app security and highlights two tools that can help you assess and address those risks.

Protecting Mobile Point of Sale (MPoS) & Financial Apps

Learn how the Lookout App Defense Solution is protecting leading mPOS providers, mobile banking and finance/fintech apps from cyber threats.

5 Minute Friday | Robin Banks: A Poster Child for MFA Bypass

In this week's episode of 5 Minute Friday, we discuss the resurgence of the Robin Banks, a phishing-as-a-service kit, and its tactics like MFA bypass. We also discuss related threats such as 0ktapus, showcasing evolving cyber threats and the replication of successful attack methods among different groups. Stay up to date on recent threat intelligence here:

5 Minute Friday | Dropper as a Service

In this episode of 5 Minute Friday, we discuss droppers, a type of mobile malware that serves as a middleman between a target device and the threat actor's command and control server. Droppers are now being offered as a service, which could enable more advanced malware to get on more devices. Stay up to date on recent threat intelligence:

Soap Suds: The Return of SharkBot

SharkBot, a notorious banking trojan, has just resurfaced since it was first spotted in the wild in October 2021. In this newest variation, the malware targets banking credentials through two apps with collectively over 60,000 downloads on Google Play. In this episode, host Hank Schless discusses what you need to know about SharkBot and how to protect yourself and your organization.

What is Adware?

Adware is the most common app-based mobile threat around the world. Lookout estimates that around 6.5 percent of free apps in Google Play contain adware.