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Pegasus for iOS Technical Report

Pegasus is highly advanced in its use of zero-days, obfuscation, encryption, and kernel-level exploitation.

Pegasus for Android Technical Report

Chrysaor is the Android variant of the Pegasus surveillanceware. Discover how the threat uses an otherwise well-known rooting technique called Framaroot.

The Pegasus Attack: How To Determine if You’re Impacted

Get visual, step-by-step instructions on how to determine if you've been affected by Pegasus.

Technical Analysis of Pegasus Whitepaper

Read Lookout's investigation into this highly sophisticated espionage software. The attack takes advantage of how essential mobile devices in our lives.

How to Protect Yourself from NSO's Pegasus Spyware

Even five years after Lookout and Citizen Lab discovered it, advanced mobile spyware Pegasus remains highly relevant.

Lookout in Vanity Fair: The Real Story Behind Pegasus and Trident

Vanity Fair interviewed the Lookout Security Intelligence team to understand the story behind the discovery of Trident.

Device Already Infected With Pegasus? Updating Your OS Won’t Help

Updating a device to the latest iOS version will not remove or identify a pre-existing Pegasus infection on a device.

Encryption and VPNs Alone Do Not Protect You From Pegasus/Trident

Encryption and VPNs are excellent tools that protect sensitive data in most situations. But, given the extreme sophistication of the Pegasus attack these tools won’t work.

MDM Solutions Don’t Deliver Sufficient Protection Against Pegasus

A Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution is not by itself a sufficient protection against advanced, targeted threats like the Pegasus spyware.

So, You Heard About Pegasus and Trident. Here’s What You Should Do Now

CIOs and CISOs need to be reacting to the Pegasus attack now to prevent further damage. Here are the top five things to do.

Congressman Urges “Congressional Hearing” After Trident iOS Vulnerability Discovery

After news of the Trident vulnerabilities broke, Congressman Ted Lieu issued a statement urging the U.S. government to pay closer attention to mobile security.

Unmasking Pegasus: Understand the Threat & Strengthen Your Defense

Join Lookout for 30 minutes as we discuss our initial identification of Pegasus, how Pegasus works, its history, and campaigns.

Know Thy Enemy: What Is Pegasus and What Can You Do?

First uncovered by Lookout and Citizen Lab in 2016, the Pegasus spyware was confirmed to have been used on targets such as business executives and government officials. Veteran of the cybersecurity industry, Joseph Davis of Microsoft, walks us through how spyware came to be, its implications and how you can protect yourself and your organization against Pegasus.

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