300 Million+ Mobile Apps Scanned: Lookout has the world’s largest mobile security dataset

Lookout Mobile Endpoint Security reaches major industry milestone, analyzing telemetry from 300 million apps from app stores worldwide.

CDM Approved Mobile Threat Defense

Lookout rapidly detects and addresses mobile threats with the world’s largest mobile telemetry dataset and persistent mobile EDR

Lookout Mobile Threat Landscape Report

Businesses, governments, and millions of end users worldwide trust Lookout to safeguard their data. As you are a valued customer of Lookout, we’d like to show you how we protected organizations like yours last quarter.

Energy Industry Threat Report

The energy industry is a prime target for attacks as mobile threats like phishing and app encounter rate is higher than other industries. Discover what these threats mean.

U.S. Federal Mobile Threats

Lookout analyzed its mobile security data to provide a view into the current mobile security risks facing US Federal government mobile users.

Telework Exposed to Heightened Mobile Risk

Lookout data reveals that U.S. government organizations are exposed to hundreds of vulnerabilities from outdated operating systems and risky apps which steal credentials.

The Pharmaceutical Threat Report

Access the Pharmaceutical Threat Report to better understand the risks mobile devices have introduced into your organization with Lookout today.

Productivity Suites Like Office 365 Are Vital to How Work Remotely

Lookout helps businesses scale mobile security as employees go remote.

How Manufacturers Can Mitigate Mobile Phishing Risks

From the inherent risks of cloud apps to the ongoing need to protect intellectual property and maintain industry compliance. Learn how to protect your manufacturing business.

Financial Services Threat Report

Mobility and cloud apps are now a key component of how financial institutions operate. Read this report to better understand the risks your organization is exposed to.

Lookout + Google Cloud

Together, Lookout and Google ensure only trusted mobile devices have access to your sensitive data.

SilkBean Technical Report

The Lookout Threat Intelligence team discovered four Android surveillanceware tools used to target the Uyghur ethnic minority group.

Lookout Discovery – Chinese Surveillanceware

Lookout is constantly discovering and researching new threats to protect and advise our customers

Lookout CCA + GSuite Continuous Conditional Access

Read the four mobile security insights CISOs must know to prepare for a strategic conversation with the CEO and board about reducing mobile risks.

The Four Biggest Threats to Financial Services

With mobile as a catalyst for digital transformation in financial services, organizations must secure all users, devices, apps, and data —from endpoints to the cloud.

Lookout Integrations and Alliances Overview

As the leading provider of mobile security, Lookout integrates with tools that help organizations benefit from unified security, visibility, and management of endpoints.

Nation State Mobile Surveillanceware Using Phishing To Con Victims

Lookout Security Intelligence has discovered a set of custom Android and iOS surveillanceware tools we’re respectively calling Stealth Mango and Tangelo.

Lookout App Security Assessment

A Lookout App Security Assessment report summarizes the relevant, actionable results of Lookout's machine intelligence and researcher-driven analyses.

Technical Analysis of Pegasus Whitepaper

Read Lookout's investigation into this highly sophisticated espionage software. The attack takes advantage of how essential mobile devices in our lives.

Mobile Intelligence: Get Access to the World’s Largest Mobile Dataset

Lookout's Mobile Intelligence Center accelerates mobile threat investigations with real-time access to the world's largest mobile dataset.

Q&A: With Christoph Hebeisen, Head of Threat Intelligence

We sat down with our Head of Threat Intelligence, Christoph Hebeisen, to learn what it means to be a security researcher in a world of constantly evolving threats.

Exclusive Partner Briefing: Phishing for Financial Gain: UNC3944

Join our upcoming Exclusive Partner Briefing: Phishing for Financial Gain: UNC3944

Security Briefing for Lookout Partners: Mobile Threats By the Numbers

From phishing attacks to sophisticated device exploits, cybercriminals are increasingly targeting mobile devices as the primary access point into an organization.

The Dangers of Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) Groups and What Enterprise Security Teams Need to Know

APTs are often thought of as primarily targeting governments for cyber espionage. However in reality, they could have just as much impact on the private sector.

How APT 41 Is Using Mobile Devices to Target Your Organization

Join us for this exclusive partner security briefing for a breakdown of these threats and to see why they are now targeting mobile devices.

5 Minute Friday | BadBazaar: iOS and Android Used to Target Tibetans and Uyghurs

In this week's episode of 5 Minute Friday, we discuss BadBazaar, an iOS & Android surveillanceware by China's APT-15, designed to target Uyghur Muslims. We take a dive into the invasive nature of Chinese "pre-criminal" surveillance and BadBazaar's recent expansion to iOS devices, providing insights into its early development and the evolving landscape of mobile threats. To keep up to date on current threats: ⁠www.lookout.com/threat-intelligence

5 Minute Friday | Critical Vulnerabilities in iOS & Android

In this week's episode of 5 Minute Friday, we discuss three critical vulnerabilities affecting both iOS and Android devices. We also discuss the importance of patching these vulnerabilities, and the modern phishing attack tactics used to exploit them. To stay up to date on current threats, visit: www.lookout.com/threat-intelligence

Unveiling the Impact of Cyber Poverty with Ramy Houssaini

In this episode, host Hank Schless welcomes back Ramy Houssaini, Chief Cyber & Technology Risk Officer at BNP Paribas and Founding Chair of The Cyber Poverty Line Institute. They explore the concept of 'cyber poverty,' and shed light on the global disparity in cybersecurity resources, highlighting the critical need for inclusive cyber capability building to safeguard individuals and societies worldwide.

5 Minute Friday | Robin Banks: A Poster Child for MFA Bypass

In this week's episode of 5 Minute Friday, we discuss the resurgence of the Robin Banks, a phishing-as-a-service kit, and its tactics like MFA bypass. We also discuss related threats such as 0ktapus, showcasing evolving cyber threats and the replication of successful attack methods among different groups. Stay up to date on recent threat intelligence here: www.lookout.com/threat-intelligence

5 Minute Friday: iLeakage- The Hidden Threat to Your iOS Device

On this week’s episode of 5 Minute Friday, we are discussing a recent iOS vulnerability, iLeakage, that exploits your web browser including opened tabs and login credentials. Learn more about iLeakage and the importance of protecting your mobile device — the device that goes everywhere you do.

5 Minute Friday: Red Alert-Rocket Alerts | A Malicious Threat Exploiting Societal Disruption

In this episode of Five Minute Friday, we discuss how societal disruption creates opportunities for malicious actors to exploit people's uncertainties

5 Minute Friday: Unveiling Infamous Chisel, Sandworm, and Deblind

Discover how the Russian APT group, Sandworm, known for major international cyberattacks, ventured into mobile surveillance with Infamous Chisel.

5 Minute Friday: Scattered Spider, MGM, and Caesars

Caesars Entertainment and MGM resorts were recently a target for a well-known cybercrime group, Scattered Spider. Listen to this week’s 5 Minute Friday to learn about these attacks, how this group operates, and what you can do to avoid your organization being the next target.

Soap Suds: The Return of SharkBot

SharkBot, a notorious banking trojan, has just resurfaced since it was first spotted in the wild in October 2021. In this newest variation, the malware targets banking credentials through two apps with collectively over 60,000 downloads on Google Play. In this episode, host Hank Schless discusses what you need to know about SharkBot and how to protect yourself and your organization.

The Twilio Breach and Phishing: Lessons Learned

Twilio, Cloudflare and other organizations reported employees were targeted with a phishing campaign leveraging a kit codenamed 0ktapus. Tune in for this short episode to learn more about the mechanisms behind the phishing campaign and tips for mitigating this threat.

Know Thy Enemy: What Is Pegasus and What Can You Do?

First uncovered by Lookout and Citizen Lab in 2016, the Pegasus spyware was confirmed to have been used on targets such as business executives and government officials. Veteran of the cybersecurity industry, Joseph Davis of Microsoft, walks us through how spyware came to be, its implications and how you can protect yourself and your organization against Pegasus.

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