Lookout App Defense prevents customer data compromise in your apps

Lookout App Defense

Proactively protect your mobile apps to prevent customer data compromise

Apps have won mobile. Smartphone apps now represent 60% of all time spent online. However, while mobile apps bring new conveniences, such as mobile check deposits, they also introduce new risks in the form of mobile security threats such as mobile banking trojans that steal login credentials, and jailbroken/rooted devices that leave them vulnerable to data compromise. Leveraging data from our sensor network of over 170 million mobile devices worldwide, Lookout can detect security threats and risks with the potential to lead to a breach of customer data, and prevent access before customer data is compromised.

50%Increase in mobile-only banking users

68%Millenials wanting to replace wallet with smartphone

600%Increase in fraudulent mobile app transactions from 2015 - 2018

65%of all fraudulent transactions take place on mobile

87%Consumers that prefer traditional banking via mobile

Ensure your mobile banking app is PSD2-compliant

Payment Securities Directive 2 (PSD2) is a European Legislation that came into effect in late 2019 that requires financial services in the EU to contribute to a more integrated, secure, and efficient payments ecosystem. With increasing numbers of consumers adopting mobile banking and more malicious actors targeting banking apps, there is a need to improve security measures for mobile financial services.

The security goals for PSD2 require financial services to:

  • Implement monitoring mechanisms in their apps to detect signs of malware
  • Provide security measures in their app to mitigate risk for the user device
  • Ensure consumers have a secure environment to execute their financial transactions

The security requirements of PSD2 create the need for stronger security in mobile banking applications. Mobile banking apps can leverage Lookout’s App Defense SDK to provide proactive protection for customers.  

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Lookout App Defense delivers

Lookout App Defense – Authentication

Instantaneous risk-based authentication

Lookout detects mobile risks that can lead to account takeover and prevents malicious threats from accessing customer data and compromising transactions via your mobile app. Lookout App Defense leverages the power of security telemetry from over 170M mobile devices globally in the Lookout Security Cloud, enabling you to prevent fraudulent account access from mobile threats such as:

  • Trojanized versions of legitimate apps that direct credentials and data to an attacker
  • Malware that provides an attacker access to all apps running on the device
  • Compromised devices which allow an attacker to turn off security features of the device
  • Protection from zero-day threats without updating your app
Lookout App Defense - Fastest

The fastest threat detection & time to protection

Lookout App Defense benefits from a security architecture that combines the best of cloud and on-device detection and is specifically optimized for the mobile environment. This approach delivers the most secure threat detection, the fastest time-to-protection, as well as a lower impact on device performance compared to approaches that depend solely on on-device analysis. Your customers' data is secured by the most advanced technology, while they receive the best possible user experience, including:

  • Machine Learning-based threat classifiers that find thousands of new mobile threats per day
  • Instant deployment of new threat coverage from the cloud without requiring an app update
  • Minimal device performance and battery impact, evidenced by the highest app store ratings in the industry
  • A mature solution that is already deployed to over 170M devices worldwide


Rapid, frictionless deployment

Deploy the App Defense SDK into customer-facing apps in minutes, allowing you to gain app security without compromising time to market.

Instant threat protection without app updates

Our cloud-first architecture allows Lookout to deploy new threat protection without requiring a version update, making security seamless for app developers and consumers.

Security at consumer scale

With over 170 million mobile devices running Lookout, you can have confidence your app security will scale with your customers.

Faster time to protection

Only Lookout has the massive dataset required to take advantage of machine learning at scale, providing early visibility into new mobile threats and protecting your customers in real time.

How it Works

App developers can easily add the Lookout App Defense SDK library during the app development process, enabling the app to leverage the power of threat data from the Lookout Security Cloud to protect individuals and organisations from data compromise when conducting transactions.

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