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Lookout is now preloaded on AT&T Android devices and can now easily be found in the "AT&T Featured Apps" section of the Google Play Store. AT&T is committed to keeping their customers' devices safe and secure with Lookout.

Lookout is currently preloaded on a wide range of T-Mobile Android smartphones and tablets. With help from Lookout, T-Mobile is keeping their users safe and secure.

€œSprint is dedicated to helping its customers find the best apps to enhance their mobile experience. Lookout not only delivers a stellar user experience, but will give Sprint customers confidence to do more with their wireless device by protecting it.

Orange puts a premium on mobile innovation. "As mobile phones and tablets become more central to our daily lives, protecting customers' devices and the data they contain with the best security is absolutely critical."

Lookout's experience in developing leading-edge security applications for this new dynamic environment makes them the ideal partner for Deutsche Telekom in this critical new category of device solution.

Telstra customers can now easily find Lookout in the "Telstra Featured" section of the Google Play Store to protect themselves against mobile threats and to keep important information stored on their mobile devices safe.

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Featured in a prime-time television commercial with Verizon

Lookout Featured in Sprint Retail Displays

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