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At Lookout, we take a different approach to data protection. We see things holistically. The way the world connects—literally and figuratively. It's what drives us to work together to create prosperity in a fluid, digital world through technology.

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Securing productivity in a privacy-focused world.

Before smartphones were in everyone’s pocket, our founders recognized that mobility would have a profound impact on the way we work and live. Discover how we’re continuing the journey to help everyone connect and work effortlessly, without worrying about exposure.

Jim Dolce, Lookout CEO and Chairman of the Board
Jim Dolce
Chief Executive Officer Lookout

A message from our CEO

As the world becomes “connected,” ideas and opinions are shared freely, business is facilitated, and connections are made all over the world.

This connectedness makes diversity more important than ever. A diverse workforce provides a larger pool of opinions, styles, and experiences. We can draw from that pool to relate to our global customers and improve our business strategy.

That’s why I‘ve been committed to diversity-related initiatives across both my business and charitable activities for many years. I believe it is the responsibility of every employee in the company, not just management, to make Lookout a welcoming and inclusive workplace where diversity thrives.

Ideas are the cornerstone of innovation and innovation is the lifeblood of technology. The best ideas happen when people with different experiences, cultures, and backgrounds come together to solve a problem. Ideas developed in a silo, with no differing opinions, are rarely extraordinary. Lookout will continue to strive for the extraordinary, which means also striving for world-class diversity.