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Where our story started

To bring awareness to security issues in the new mobile industry, Lookout's co-founders built the "BlueSniper" and demonstrated it at the 2005 Academy Awards. This unique device could scan and read data from phones connected to Bluetooth at a record breaking distance of over a mile away. Armed with an understanding of the fundamental security vulnerabilities associated with mobile computing, we set out to build a company to make mobile devices safer for the world.

Bluetooth vulnerability

In 2004, John Hering, Kevin Mahaffey and James Burgess, three security researchers from USC, discovered a Bluetooth vulnerability in the Nokia 3610. To demonstrate the vulnerability, the founders built the BlueSniper, which set a new world record by retrieving information on a device from over 1 mile away using the bluetooth connections in mobile phones.

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Is everything hackable?

60 Minutes featured Lookout co-founder John Hering and a number of other well-known and respected security researchers demonstrating mobile attacks.

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Hacking a Tesla Model S

Kevin Mahaffey and Marc Rogers set out to audit the security of the Tesla Model S because they wanted to shine a light on a car that they hypothesized would have a strong security architecture, given the Tesla's team's deep software experience. Out of this research, they hoped to start a conversation about simple and clear security best practices for the automotive industry.

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Hacking for good

Hackathons are in Lookout's blood. Our style of Hackathon takes place over two-days during which employees leave the comfort of their teams and enter collaborations with new coworkers, serving in new roles. Several innovative ideas developed during hackathons have even become product features. This is the DNA of Lookout, hacking for good and breaking things to make them better.

Where we're headed

Lookout is determined to continue making the world more secure as it becomes more connected. To do that, we're focused on using our analysis of known threats from known attackers, with machine intelligence, to predict new, never-before-seen threats. We analyze up to 90 thousand new apps every day, over 40 million iOS and Android apps in total. This analysis compares signatures, behavior, and other analysis artifacts Lookout has gathered, all the way down to binary code. This is the data and technology that powers our unique predictive mobile security – and it's how Lookout enables the good guys to win, and a secure mobile future real.

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