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Cybersecurity Analyzer

The free Lookout Cybersecurity Analyzer provides a real time state of your existing access and data security solutions.

After this assessment, you’ll receive an immediate report, along with recommendations to remediate.

In under 60 seconds, our analyzer will run these tests to assess the effectiveness of your existing solutions in: 

  • Protecting your infrastructure from any malicious content
  • Preventing accidental and malicious data exfiltration from your environment
  • Ensuring your resilience against modern day internet based threats

How does it work?

  • 1
    Select Tests

    Click “Run All Tests”, or run tests individually based on your needs.

  • 2
    Run Analyzer

    The analyzer will run a series of harmless tests across your device. These tests do not contain any actual malware, but instead use strings that can be detected by standard antivirus software. Data will not be downloaded from or uploaded to your device. 

  • 3
    Instant Results

    You’ll receive an immediate pass/fail score, along with a tangible report on findings and recommendations to remediate.

View a sample report

You’ll receive immediate insights into your current security posture, including actionable insights and recommendations to remediate. Take a look at our sample report here. 

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