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Free SMS Phishing Assessment

Mobile phishing is one of the most effective ways for attackers to start a breach. Lookout found that 1 in 4 enterprise mobile users clicked on a mobile phishing link in 2023. With legitimate credentials, attackers can enter your infrastructure silently and move freely to access your most sensitive data.

Can your users tell the difference between a phishing text and a regular text? Run a test today for free and find out.

  • A business email address is required 
  • The test can be run free for a maximum of 500 users
  • There is no guarantee of delivery rate
  • Unavailable in Russia, Singapore, UAE, Qatar, Iran, and China

How does it work?

Lookout will help your organization prepare a mock phishing campaign:

  • 1
    Phishing SMS

    Create a custom message and sender to simulate a socially engineered phishing text

  • 2
    Landing Page

    Build a custom landing page that is linked in the message.

  • 3
    Custom Report

    Send the message out to your employees and create a custom report of the results

View a sample report

The Lookout SaaS Risk Assessment is your first step towards achieving complete visibility and comprehensive risk remediation in your data protection strategy. Take a look at our comprehensive report packed with actionable insights and recommendations.

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