Mobile Risk Assessment

In this 2 minute survey, we’ll learn about your organization’s mobility situation by asking questions about data access on smartphones and tablets, as well as any existing controls you’ve already put in place. We’ll then generate your customized Mobile Risk Assessment, showing clear steps your organization can take to mitigate business and compliance risk.

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Mobile Data Access


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Threat Protection


Vulnerability Protection


Risky Behaviors &

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Basic Information

Tell us a bit about your organization

What is the distribution of mobile device platforms at your organization?

Do employees travel to foreign countries that would concern you from a security standpoint?

Mobile Data Access

Do your employees have access to the following assets on mobile devices today (or in the near future):

Email, corporate messaging, contacts or calendar?info_outline

Enterprise apps?info_outline

Corporate networks?info_outline

Multi-factor authentication or stored credentials?info_outline

Administrative tools?info_outline

Enterprise Mobility Management

Does your organization manage mobile devices?

i.e., mobile devices are required to have an EMM solution installed, such as AirWatch, MobileIron, Microsoft Intune, MaaS360, or BlackBerry UEM

Have you implemented the below capabilities on mobile devices:

Jailbreak and root detection?info_outline

Remote device wipe or lock?info_outline

Lock screen requirements?info_outline

Mobile containers?info_outline

Rights management solutions?info_outline

Threat Protection

Are you able to detect and measure threats on smartphones and tablets?

Note: Mobile Device Management solutions cannot detect mobile threats, such as threats from mobile apps, wifi networks, or advanced attacks on the device.

Are you able to detect and measure the following threats on mobile devices:

Malicious apps?info_outline

Apps downloaded from third-party app stores?info_outline

Man-in-the-middle attacks over wifi or cellular connections?info_outline

Targeted attacks on the mobile operating system?info_outline

Mobile phishing attacks?info_outline

Risky websites?info_outline

Vulnerability Protection

Are you able to detect and measure vulnerabilities on smartphones and tablets?

Note: Mobile vulnerabilities are software vulnerabilities in the operating system and apps that leave sensitive data exposed (not detected by Mobile Device Management).

Are you able to detect and measure the following vulnerabilities on mobile devices:

App-based vulnerabilities?info_outline

Operating system vulnerabilitiesinfo_outline

Risky Behaviors & Configurations

Are you able to detect and measure risky mobile configurations and app behaviors?

Note: Device configurations may expose the device to data leakage, while some app behaviors can leak sensitive data and pose a compliance risk (not detected by Mobile Device Management).

Are you able to detect and measure the following risky behaviors & configurations on mobile devices:

Vulnerable device configurations?info_outline

App data leakage?info_outline

Rogue Wi-Fi hotspots?info_outline

Thank you for completing the survey. We’ve calculated your results based on your responses. Please enter your details below to receive a copy of your custom report.

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