Welcome to the world’s largest mobile threat dataset

The foundation of Lookout’s protection is built on the world’s largest mobile app and threat analysis system.

Built on a worldwide community of millions of mobile users and app stores around the globe, the MTN combines this extensive dataset with deep technology and human expertise to deliver the best protection against digital threats.

Different approach

Lookout is redefining mobile security with a proactive, data-­driven approach to threat detection. Moving beyond traditional reactive approaches, we use deep detection and behavior analysis based on advanced algorithms to spot new threats as they emerge, allowing us to dramatically shorten the life of a threat.

Bigger is better

The MTN monitors more than 400 networks, over a million applications from app markets around the globe, and a mobile user base exceeding 45 million. More data means faster, more accurate analysis and identification of mobile threats.


We deliver

For our partners and customers our approach means we deliver. We protect our users in minutes rather than days. What’s more we deliver on our mission to create a connected world free from cyber threats like fraud, theft, and privacy violations that undermine the security of people and organizations.

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