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With telemetry from over 215 million mobile devices and 280 million mobile apps, we stay one step ahead of emerging mobile cyberattacks.

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About Lookout Threat Intelligence

Lookout has been a research-first security organization from the very start —  investigating everything from exploits targeting mobile operating systems to threat actor groups using mobile vectors to infiltrate networks and spy on individuals at risk.

Our team is composed of former bug bounty hunters, penetration testers, government intelligence analysts, vulnerability researchers and more. We have a passion for identifying mobile threats and sharing intelligence with the cybersecurity community and our customers. We aim to mitigate the damage that threat actors can do to enterprises through mobile threats, as well as the toll that mobile espionage takes on civil society and communities at risk.

Our mission is to educate the public and impose costs on threat actors to make their operations more difficult. This objective protects both individuals and organizations from espionage and breaches. To that end, we hope that the reporting and research shared on this site fosters awareness and collaboration on mobile threats. We’re excited to share our findings with the community on APT, criminal and surveillance vendor activity targeting mobile devices.

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with Advanced Threat Intelligence

Lookout collects and analyzes proprietary data points to provide your security teams with comprehensive protection capabilities against mobile cyber attacks. Our advanced threat intelligence and machine learning technology ensure that your mobile devices are safeguarded from the latest threats.

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