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Q&A With Kristina Balaam: Why Diversity in Cybersecurity Is So Important

In anticipation of the Day of Shecurity happening on December 8th, we sat down with Staff Security Intelligence Engineer, Kristina Balaam to get her take on diversity.

2021 Day of Shecurity Event Reignites Diversity in Cyber

The exponential growth in success illustrates the fact that the tech industry is determined to reverse the diversity trend and encourage more women to join the field.

Why We Need More Women in Cybersecurity

As a member of the Lookout threat intelligence team, I’m often asked: “how do I break into the cybersecurity and IT industry?” I discuss this and more with Victoria Mosby.

The Tradition of Giving at Lookout

Our mission at the Lookout Foundation is to make meaningful differences around us – in the neighborhoods we live and in the industry we work.

Q&A: A Candid Conversation With Women Working in Cybersecurity Today

In anticipation of the Day of Shecurity San Francisco, happening on October 11, we sat down with a few of our security intelligence engineers.

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