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July 30, 2020

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The Tradition of Giving at Lookout

Our mission at the Lookout Foundation is to make meaningful differences around us – in the neighborhoods we live and in the industry we work. Lookout is a relatively young company, but we’re proud of the strides we have made in recent years in our philanthropic efforts. The foundation invests in communities outside our own doors where we can see the results. While our focus has evolved over time, the core philosophy has remained, that we collaborate closely with Lookout employees to serve the local communities they cherish.

One of our proud achievements is Day of Shecurity, a conference that encourages the inclusion of women and the diversification of the cybersecurity space. The first event, which sprouted organically among Lookout employees, was held in 2016 in a conference room at the Lookout headquarters in San Francisco where 25 women attended. With the support of the Foundation, its partner organizations, and volunteers fromLookout, the event has since grown into a multi-city conference. In 2019, hundreds of women attended Day of Shecurity in Boston, San Francisco and Toronto to get hands-on training and network with industry professionals.

What we learned from Day of Shecurity is that by fueling the determination of our employees, the collective Lookout community can make a greater difference. The Lookout leadership recognizes that and have made deliberate efforts to make sure we’re collaborative and transparent. In the case of GLIDE, a nonprofit that supports the most vulnerable and marginalized people in the poverty-stricken Tenderloin neighborhood in San Francisco, we’ve built a lasting and meaningful connection. In addition to monetary grants, Lookout employees have used their volunteer days to help with different programs at GLIDE over the years.

In 2015, Lookout became a signatory to Pledge 1%, a commitment by organizations to allocate a portion of their future success to support nonprofits. Right now we already provide Lookout employees paid time off opportunities to volunteer at organizations that align with their passion. Lookout also matches employee contributions to charities and offers grants to employee-nominated nonprofits.

The Foundation’s community-driven characteristics have guided much of our giving in its young history, including during the coronavirus pandemic. In recent times, employees have helped identify organizations to support within their communities – some of these include the Greater Boston Food Bank, Toronto’s Daily Bread Food Bank and Food for Others, an organization in Fairfax, Virginia.

Some of the organizations the Lookout Foundation has supported include GLIDE, Daily Bread Food Bank, Food for Others, Greater Boston Food Bank, Red Cross Netherlands and Goonj.

We’re proud of the work the Lookout Foundation has done so far and the increased commitment from our employee community to do even more. Our employees across the company and the globe have challenged us to make a difference, and we are determined to turn those aspirations into impact in our local communities.

Lookout representatives led by Holly Dunn, Bob Stevens and Mike Ligas dropping off the Foundation’s donation to Food for Others in May 2020.