January 24, 2020

Mobile APT Attack on Amazon CEO

Lookout Coverage and Recommendation for Admins

Lookout implemented detection over the air for the initial set of apps known be using the Mintegral SDK shortly after discovery. Any occurrences of apps with the Mintegral SDK will appear in the Apps section of the admin console classified as Riskware. As more apps are discovered to have this SDK, Lookout will continuously implement additional coverage.

Lookout continues to monitor Mintegral SDK releases and will update and adjust coverage when the malicious capabilities are removed. This will ensure that benign versions of previously flagged apps are not classified as Riskware.


Recently, news broke of Amazon’s CEO’s phone being hacked via a video sent on WhatsApp. The responsible account is linked to the Saudi Crown Prince and sent the seemingly harmless file, which ended up being malicious. FTI Consulting conducted a forensic investigation of the device after the rate of data leaving the CEO’s phone increased exponentially after he clicked the video file.

While FTI didn’t confirm many specifics of the investigation, this greatly resembles advanced mobile malware similar to Pegasus.

Lookout Analysis

Lookout worked together with Citizen Lab to first discover and analyze Pegasus back in 2016. Since then, Lookout has provided threat-behavior-based detections to protect against similar mobile Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) similar to Pegasus such as eSurvAgent, Monokle, and ViperRAT.

Lookout Mobile Endpoint Security (MES) and Phishing & Content Protection (PCP) can both protect a device in this scenario in unique ways. MES will detect and protect a compromised device and malware associated with threats like APTs. PCP will monitor the web traffic to and from the device to ensure it’s not communicating with and Command and Control (C2) servers or other known malicious websites



Cloud & Endpoint Security

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