Cloud breaches now happen in minutes not months. Are you ready?

Today's attacks are too quick for legacy methods. Make sure you have intelligent defenses for every part of the modern kill chain.

It begins with a single text.

Targeting mobile is an attacker’s go-to for stealing credentials. Using AI, we detect and respond in real time, from isolated phishing attempts to orchestrated attacks.

Mobile devices phished in 2023

One correct login and they're inside.

When attackers use valid logins, they easily mimic your users. We actively monitor user actions to quickly spot and stop any anomalous behavior.

Breaches involving the human element
Account Takeover

Legitimate access simplifies data theft.

With data sprawled across networks, clouds, and apps, the risk of exploitation rises. We keep track of everything, making sure that your data stays secure.

$100 million
Cost of the MGM data breach

A defense-in-depth solution.

In a world where breaches evolve rapidly, we've developed a platform designed for swift detection and response to threats at every stage.

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Secure the keys to the cloud

Lookout’s mobile EDR detects and responds to breaches in real time, using AI and industry-leading threat intelligence.

Take full control of cloud data

As a cloud DLP, Lookout’s CASB solution provides complete data protection across SaaS apps and cloud repositories.

Stop data theft as it happens

Lookout's SWG safeguards your data from threats like shadow IT, data leakage, and phishing attacks.

Zero trust for private apps

Protect critical data with a zero-trust solution tailored for private apps, whether they’re on premises or in the cloud.

Our data-centric cloud security platform.

Lookout Platform Diagram
Lookout Platform Diagram
Lookout Secure Cloud Access has given us complete visibility and control of our data while safeguarding it against cyber attacks and accidental data leakage.
— CTO, Lantum

Discover why industry leaders choose Lookout.

Lantum Case Study
Visibility into all data activities, including who is accessing it and how it’s handled
Full insights into PCI and sensitive health data usage
Precise controls to protect data while enabling productivity
Enables robust auditing with data activities log
Schneider Electric Case Study
Detection and response for over 90,000 managed and unmanaged iOS and Android devices
Rapid deployment across thousands of devices through Microsoft Intune
Integrates with existing SIEM, SSO, and EMM platforms to enhance security operations