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July 31, 2018

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Lookout Brings Mobile Security to SentinelOne Customers

Lookout is excited to announce a new partnership with SentinelOne.

As a leader in next generation endpoint security, SentinelOne delivers autonomous endpoint protection through a single agent that prevents, detects, and responds to attacks across all major vectors.

Together with Lookout, SentinelOne will now be able to offer organizations a way to secure mobile endpoints as thoroughly as they protect traditional endpoints such as servers, desktops, and cloud infrastructure. Lookout customers will be able to simplify their unified endpoint management with the newfound capability of managing all their endpoints from a single dashboard.

The partnership integrates our unmatched mobile threat data into the SentinelOne console - giving enterprises the visibility and tools necessary to proactively detect and block threats to mobile endpoints from advanced attacks, all from a single location.

With the wide spectrum of risks facing today's enterprise, the collaboration will allow SentinelOne customers to take full advantage of insights Lookout has gathered and analyzed from the real-world security data of over 150M devices worldwide; that analysis includes a review of over 50 million iOS and Android apps using advanced machine learning techniques to identify risks.  

Our Mobile Risk Matrix summarizes these findings and helps organizations, including existing and future SentinelOne customers, to understand the components and vectors that make up their specific spectrum of mobile risk. With a grasp of the full spectrum of risk, customers will be better equipped to take advantage of the new capabilities resulting from the partnership.

As attackers increasingly redirect ransomware and malware attacks to target enterprise mobile endpoints, the Lookout-SentinelOne partnership will give joint clients the broadest and most holistic protection platform available today.

Learn more about this exciting collaboration and how it can benefit your organization.