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The State of Mobile Phishing in 2023: Why It’s Here To Stay
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The State of Mobile Phishing in 2023: Why It’s Here To Stay

Mobile phishing is arguably one of the most effective ways for attackers to steal employee login credentials. With legitimate usernames and passwords in hand, attackers can silently enter your infrastructure, move around freely, and access your most sensitive data. 

Remote work and a reliance on BYOD has caused these attacks to grow at an alarming rate. Today, more users are falling victim than ever before, exposing your data to risk. 

Based on an analysis of 215 million devices and 269 million apps, Lookout found that over 30% of personal and enterprise mobile users encountered a phishing attack in 2022. 

Watch this webinar to learn: 

  • The phishing trends in your region putting data at risk 
  • How user behavior and attacker methods are evolving
  • The financial risk of falling victim to a phishing attack 
  • How to minimize data loss from phishing attacks



Tyler Croak
Principal Strategist, Lookout
Hank Schless
Director of Global Security Campaigns

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