The Lookout Foundation:
Changing Lives for the Better

Making a difference in the communities we care about

The Lookout Foundation invests in communities outside our own doors where we can see the results. Its mission is to support Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) education for women, girls, and other underserved groups, and security and privacy rights for all.

The Lookout Foundation is a public charity and a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. It is entirely run by Lookout employees on a voluntary basis. Employee-led committees decide where and how Foundation money is distributed, and organize activities to donate time to local organizations.

The Lookout Pledge

Philanthropy as a core value.

Lookout pledges 1%

In order to provide employees with opportunities to see their contributions make a real impact, Lookout has joined the Pledge 1% movement. It is a commitment to donate 1% equity to the communities in which we operate, 1% of our employees' time to local volunteer projects, and 1% product to non profit organizations. By making the local community a key stakeholder in our business, success means more than profits. It means helping our friends and neighbors.

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1% time

1% Equity

1% Product

Whom we partner with

Employees working together to make a difference

The Lookout Foundation is entirely run by employees on a voluntary basis.

Random Hacks of Kindness

Through the committee Random Hacks of Kindness, the Foundation formalizes opportunities for teams to donate their time in local communities. In addition, individuals are also encouraged to take time away from work to volunteer with organizations that support their personal passions.

Non-Profit Grants

The Lookout Foundation provides opportunities for employees to decide where and how donated funds are distributed. The Grants Committee is responsible for identifying non-profits that support the Foundation mission, collecting and reviewing grant applications, and determining and distributing grants.

Global Disaster Relief

It was also important to employees involved in the Lookout Foundation to be able to respond and support quickly to local and global emergencies. The Global Disaster Relief committee is responsible for coordinating volunteers’ time and distributing emergency relief funds to provide immediate assistance and supplies to affected communities.

"Lookout is the opposite of every other security company. We build security products that work, and that our customers trust. When they buy from us they know they're getting something awesome"
- Kevin Mahaffey, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer
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