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Microsoft and Lookout have partnered to enable organizations to securely embrace smartphones and tablets in the workplace. The integration combines Lookout Mobile Endpoint Security with Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS) allowing organizations to extend flexible options to all types of mobile employees. Lookout provides visibility into phishing, app, network, and device-based risks, and through our deep integration with Microsoft EMS, organizations can use that risk data to enforce conditional access on mobile devices.

Through its partnership with Microsoft, Lookout has pioneered several important mobile security integrations: 

  • Lookout was the first to integrate mobile threat defense with Microsoft Intune.
  • Lookout was the first to deliver mobile threat intelligence to Windows Defender ATP.
  • Lookout is the first to offer Continuous Conditional Access for Office 365 for BYOD users.

Secure BYOD for Office 365 users

Microsoft Office 365 apps are widely used on personal devices in many organizations. Mobile users are constantly accessing enterprise data using Outlook, Teams, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Lookout Continuous Conditional Access monitors device health, assigns a risk-level, and passes this information to Intune for policy consideration. Enriched with Lookout mobile threat intelligence, Intune MAM policies protect data within Intune-protected apps.

Microsoft Intune Mobile Application Management for unmanaged devices with Lookout Continuous Conditional Access enables organizations to dynamically protect corporate data used in Microsoft Intune protected apps on iOS and Android without the need to manage the device.

By applying MAM policies to Intune protected apps, organizations can restrict actions such as copying and pasting corporate data to personal apps as well as enforcing data encryption.

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Flexible BYOD deployment options
  • Organizations can leverage the Lookout + Intune MAM integration without managing the device (MDM)
  • Employees can securely access work resources while keeping their personal devices private and in their control
Risk-based conditional access
  • Lookout complements Microsoft’s risk profile assessment with device and app-related threat-telemetry
  • Lookout informs Intune conditional access/wipe for native O365 apps and more
  • Intune invokes Network Access Control based on Lookout threat information

Lookout + Microsoft EMS

Lookout provides Microsoft with visibility into phishing, app, network, and device-based risks

With the Microsoft EMS and Lookout integration, Lookout can inform Intune of device risks such as malicious applications, OS vulnerabilities, network attacks, phishing attempts or even applications that violate industry privacy policies. These alerts are integrated into the Intune management console and can be used to inform conditional access policies that prevent risky devices from accessing corporate resources until the compliance violation is remediated.

How it works

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Key benefits of Lookout + Microsoft EMS

Comprehensive mobile security to enable productivity

  • Lookout provides visibility into app, network, and device-based risks
  • Microsoft EMS provides identity-driven security based on several conditional layers, including Lookout mobile risk intelligence
  • The integrated solution enables users to stay productive in today’s mobile-first world

Risk-based conditional access

  • Lookout complements Microsoft’s risk profile assessment with key device and app-related threat-telemetry
  • Lookout informs Intune conditional access/wipe for native O365 apps and more
  • Intune invokes Network Access Control based on Lookout threat information
Ease of use

Ease of Use

  • Lookout client deployment and management via Intune
  • Integrated Lookout and Intune policy management for users and groups
  • Integrated Identity with AAD for SSO

Azure Sentinel

Data correlation across your enterprise

Add Lookout threat signals to Microsoft’s cloud-native, security information event manager (SIEM) and security orchestration automated response (SOAR) solution.

Microsoft defender atp dashboard

Integrated security alerts

  • Data connector designed for easy deployment 
  • Ready to use workbook for out-of-the-box dashboards
  • Integrate Lookout signals with other security solutions
  • Alert detection, threat visibility, proactive hunting, and threat response

Defender for Endpoint

Mobile security device alerts integrated with windows devices

This integration allows Microsoft customers to detect, view, investigate, and respond to advanced cyberattacks and data breaches on iOS and Android mobile devices within the WDATP Management Console.

Microsoft defender atp dashboard

Enhanced visibility into mobile threats

  • Integrated console for mobile alerts
  • Dashboard with threat summaries
  • Correlation across user devices
  • Threat alert details and remediation
  • Mobile device event history timelines


“The integration between Lookout and Microsoft EMS helps ensure that, despite this increased risk, any enterprise can benefit from mobile productivity with the assurance that their corporate assets are better protected.”

Brad Anderson, Corporate Vice President, Microsoft

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