Many organizations are now racing against the May 25, 2018 GDPR enforcement deadline to extend security controls to personal data in their control. The risk of GDPR fines & brand reputation damage has made the security of personal data on mobile an urgent priority for CISOs, and executive boards.

  • Why mobile is a problem for GDPR compliance: 84% of security & IT executives say personal data accessed on employee mobile devices could put their company at risk for GDPR noncompliance.
  • Understanding the threats & risks to GDPR compliance from mobile: 63% of enterprise employees say they access their organization's customer, partner, and employee data while on their mobile device.
  • Finding & stopping mobile threats to GDPR compliance: 31% of enterprise employees that have a title of Vice President or higher say their mobile devices have been hacked or compromised.
Kabir Barday
Kabir Barday
CEO, OneTrust
Aaron Cockerill
Aaron Cockerill
Chief Strategy Officer, Lookout

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