October 16, 2019

Lookout App Defense Penetrates Global Markets With New Customers and Strategic Partnerships, Helping Customers Prevent Data Compromise in Mobile Apps

San Francisco, CA - October 17, 2019 - Lookout, Inc, the leader in securing the post-perimeter world, has announced a record year for its App Defense product with new customer acquisitions and strategic go-to-market partnerships. App Defense helps enterprises protect their customer facing apps from data compromise and fraudulent transactions. Breaches can have a significant impact on brands as hackers can compromise consumers credentials, steal PII data and initiate account takeovers.

App Defense provides a lightweight embeddable SDK that gives customers continuous visibility into the threat landscape of their consumer devices (App Risk Posture TM ) and enables remediation workflows that make these apps self-protecting. It leverages the Lookout Security Cloud, which contains data from over 170M devices and 70M apps, to protect individuals and organizations from cyberthreats and malware that potentially leads to data compromise.

MoneyMart, a leading financial services company that provides payday loans, cheque cashing, and money transfer services, chose Lookout App Defense to provide end-to-end protection for their mobile apps.

"Our mobile apps have become a very important channel for customer engagement and when we launched a completely revamped mobile experience for our users, securing these apps against cyber threats and malware became a top priority for our security and fraud teams,” said Awan Sikri, Chief Technology Officer at MoneyMart. “Our mobile app team was able to integrate and test the App Defense SDK in a few days and now we have real-time visibility into a variety of threats on consumer devices, which allows us to incorporate risk mitigation workflows in our app to protect our customers and their trust in our brand."

Lookout App Defense is also being deployed in multiple mobile banking, mobile point of sale and retail apps across the world, helping enterprises reduce the number of fraudulent transactions emanating from compromised consumer devices.

“This has been a huge year for Lookout App Defense, as we’ve broken into new markets and acquired new customers globally,” said Satendar Bhatia, SVP of Embedded Software Sales at Lookout. “We’ve also onboarded key technology partnerships that complete our vision and make us a one stop shop offering a complete mobile app protection suite to customers”.

Lookout App Defense partners with market leading solutions to provide comprehensive end-to-end mobile app security for customers.

The App Defense ecosystem now includes strategic go-to-market partnerships with:

  • Promon: Lookout has partnered with Promon, a leader in app shielding technology, to jointly offer mobile app developers the ability to protect the integrity of their apps, impede attackers’ attempts to reverse-engineer code, attach emulators/debuggers, and repackage mobile apps at run time.
  • Buguroo: Lookout has partnered with Buguroo, a leader in fraud detection technology, to provide a fully integrated “mobile app protection and fraud detection” capability to financial services customers. This partnership provides customers the ability to enhance the security posture of their mobile apps utilizing continuous authentication, as well as enrich their fraud and risk scores, both of which are needed to combat data compromise and online fraud across web and mobile channels .
  • Trustonic: Lookout has partnered with Trustonic to jointly offer developers the advanced application protection necessary to secure critical mobile apps in digital banking, payments, mPOS, mobileID authentication and other use-cases. Trustonic Application Protection (TAP) gives the developer community advanced protection across Android and iOS platforms through a software based Trusted Execution Environment (TEE), and integrity checks, as well as full access to a hardware backed TEE available on most Android devices.


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