November 20, 2022

Lookout Named an Overall Leader in KuppingerCole ZTNA Leadership Compass

SAN FRANCISCO, November 21, 2022 – Lookout, Inc., the endpoint to cloud security company, today announced that it has been named an Overall Leader, Product Leader and Innovation Leader in the KuppingerCole 2022 Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) Leadership Compass report. The analyst firm evaluated Lookout ZTNA against 15 other products on more than one dozen key criteria including innovativeness, market position, financial strength and ecosystem. 

Lookout was named a Product Leader based on the analysis of its ZTNA product features and strong overall capabilities. The report highlights Lookout ZTNA strengths, including its comprehensive coverage with high proficiency in every functional area, broad range of data security controls and certifications for regulatory compliance, and continuous monitoring of user and device risk posture inspection. This adjusts authorization policies and helps prevent cyberthreats related to unauthorized access to private apps and the data stored in private apps. KuppingerCole also highlights the Lookout ZTNA integration with SWG and CASB services delivering a unified and cloud-native security platform as an important differentiator. 

Lookout ZTNA delivers a zero trust solution for any app that dynamically adapts based on data sensitivity and continuous risk assessment of endpoints and users. The solution integrates with any existing multi-factor authentication mechanisms and identity solutions to reduce user friction and improve overall access controls. The same strong authentication security benefits associated with SaaS applications and web services can be extended to cover legacy, IaaS and private applications.

Lookout was named an Innovation Leader based on its ability to drive transformation in the market and meet the evolving and emerging business requirements of customers. In this category, KuppingerCole recognizes those companies that take a customer-oriented approach to deliver key features requested by users, while maintaining compatibility and functionality with previous versions.

“As threats evolve beyond the traditional perimeter, zero trust has been an essential tool and strategy for organizations adapting to the modern threat environment,” said Alexei Balaganski, lead analyst and chief technology officer, KuppingerCole. “ZTNA is the key to enabling modern zero trust, empowering organizations to dramatically reduce their attack surface, prevent lateral movement of potential intruders and generally simplify security teams’ lives. Every organization serious about data protection must start with zero trust.”

“We now operate in a world where workers expect to be able to safely access data no matter where they’re located,” said Sundaram Lakshmanan, chief technology officer, Lookout. “ZTNA is an essential component of any modern secure remote access strategy and we’re honored to be recognized for our product’s technical strength and innovation. For organizations moving to the cloud, ZTNA provides the foundation for a cloud-native cybersecurity strategy adapted to the modern threat environment.”  

The KuppingerCole Leadership Compass is a tool which provides an overview of a particular market segment and identifies the leaders within that market segment. Its analysis is based on long experience in the market and a broad range of input from customers, users, KuppingerCole advisory projects, product documentation, a questionnaire shared with relevant respondents and other sources.

To download the full KuppingerCole 2022 Zero Trust Network Access Leadership Compass, click here.

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