Protect Against Internet Threats and Data Leakage.

Lookout Secure Internet Access is a cloud delivered solution, built on the principles of zero trust, offering inline and API security controls to protect users, networks, and corporate data from Internet based threats.

Let users stay productive without exposure to Internet-borne threats.

Since employees started working in a hybrid model, they’re using devices to access sensitive data and cloud apps from outside standard security perimeters. That makes control and protection more difficult and has increased enterprise risk exposure.

Protect your users from internet threats such as malware and zero day exploits with integrated advanced threat protection.
Maintain compliance with regulations such as PCI-DSS, HIPAA, and CIPA by applying granular data protection policies.
Gain full visibility into Shadow IT and data usage to minimize the risk of data leaking to personal apps and public websites.
Protect corporate data stored in approved and unapproved cloud apps from theft, accidental loss, ransomware, or any unauthorized access.
Learn how Lookout makes protecting cloud data easy and cost-effective.
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How does a Secure Web Gateway secure business data and the workforce?

See how Lookout protects workers, their devices, and underlying infrastructure from Internet based threats.

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Product Description

Lookout Secure Internet Access offers the ability to inspect all incoming and outgoing internet and cloud traffic for malicious content and sensitive data, even if it’s encrypted. This improves performance and delivers a better end user experience.

Simplify security with a unified cloud platform.

Enable admins to apply unified security policies across all cloud services, which reduces cost and complexity while improving security.

Provide workers with a flexible, productive experience.

Contain threats and malicious content while allowing users access to the web and cloud apps, freeing them from worry about device or browser security.

Improve your shadow IT discovery and management.

Since all internet traffic passes through the Lookout proxy, IT can see unapproved app activity and enforce policies to ensure data protection.

Protect users from malicious web sites.

Reduce the risk of social engineering and email compromise with the latest threat intelligence, reputation scores, and inputs from our security graph.

Give secure access and data protection to more offices.

Lookout delivers a complete secure access service edge (SASE) solution so you can scale security and network performance to remote offices and users.

Key Capabilities

Deliver the most optimal and secure user experience with a single proxy, single agent architecture.

  • Deliver secure Internet access for all users regardless of device or location.
  • Optimize your user experience by setting smart traffic steering policies to manage high-bandwidth sites and ensure shortest-path routing.
  • Integrate with the Lookout Cloud Security Platform for inline internet security controls without affecting user experience.

Improve web application control.

  • Discover apps being used and enable admins to implement data security to prevent sensitive data from leaking to websites and personal cloud apps.
  • Apply content digital rights controls like watermarking, masking, redacting, and encrypting sensitive data in real-time upon being shared or uploaded.
  • Extend flexible data protection policies based on the context of users, devices, apps, and data to ensure sensitive data does not leak.

Provide enhanced visibility and control across all cloud hosted, SaaS, and Internet traffic

  • Inspect all traffic to protect against DNS-related attacks, tunneling attacks, newly registered or algorithmically generated domains to mitigate the risk from malicious apps that use non-web or non-http(s) protocols for communication with command and control servers.
  • Simplify IT security with integrated cloud firewall policies that can be managed from a single console from any location, globally.
  • Gain full visibility into firewall logs through simple dashboards to surface activities from non-http(s) apps such as streaming services, voip applications, and gaming apps. Protocol information including TCP, UDP, ICMP, is logged and can be exported to a SIEM.

Quickly detect and prevent data exfiltration.

  • Through a forward proxy, traffic between your workers and the internet is inspected, preventing data from accidentally or intentionally leaking.
  • Real-time alerts reduce the risk of a data breach from accidental or intentional data leakage to the internet.

Filter URLs and content more effectively.

  • Threat intelligence from millions of websites, domains, and apps powers a comprehensive categorization and malicious site identification engine.
  • Intercept, inspect, and remove any malicious content from incoming and outgoing Internet traffic.

Define and enforce Acceptable Use Policy (AUP).

  • Enforce AUPs by filtering to restrict access to websites deemed inappropriate or unsafe.
  • You can define AUPs based on categorization fed by millions of websites, but can also create your own custom categories and lists.

Seamless TLS/SSL interception.

  • The single proxy architecture allows all the connections to be inspected inline for any malicious content hiding in encrypted Internet traffic, and without any service chaining.
  • This improves performance and delivers a better end user experience.

Detect and mitigate advanced internet threats with Remote Browser Isolation

  • Enable safe browsing of new or uncategorized websites by isolating any potential risky content in a cloud-hosted browser
  • Protect users, devices, and underlying networks from zero day and internet threats without blocking access to sites and content
  • Auto-redirection of user browsing sessions to a cloud hosted browser delivers a seamless end user experience

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