Protect and Secure Access to Private Apps.

Lookout Secure Private Access provides seamless connections to private apps – whether they reside on-premises or in the cloud – all while strengthening your data security posture. A unified solution for providing Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA).

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Unleash workforce productivity and efficiency with end-to-end Zero Trust.

Workers today are using more devices from more locations to get access to private apps hosted anywhere (on-prem or cloud). For data security, you need to ensure only trusted, verified, and authorized users get access.

Product Description

Lookout Secure Private Access verifies the security posture of users and only grants access to apps that your users require for work. We also continuously monitor the identity and risk level of users and endpoints to restrict access accordingly.

Streamline security for more intelligent protection.

Detect and deter threats sooner with tools that work as a unit, leveraging the context of users, data, devices, and applications.

Cloak your applications for better protection.

Ensure all ports are not externally visible to hide your applications from discovery by bad actors.

Connect directly to apps to prevent lateral movement.

Improve user satisfaction with SaaS-like experiences while reducing the risk of lateral movement throughout the network by bad actors.

Deliver optimized and secure user experiences.

Control access and granular security through a single end user agent for all private, cloud and SaaS apps, without affecting end user experience.

Provide agent and agentless access to private apps.

Offer secure remote access to partners and contractors who typically use devices not managed by the organization.

Discover the reasons to upgrade from a VPN to ZTNA.

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Key Capabilities

Provide remote and adaptive zero trust access.

  • Improve security with adaptive access policies based on user risk score and device posture.
  • Approve access with controls that consider the user, location, device OS, application type, and sensitivity of the data.
  • Extend zero trust security to your hybrid workforce while reducing risk of unauthorized or compromised access that can harm the organization.

Enforce secure access to any enterprise application deployed on-premises or hosted in the cloud

  • Enforce granular Zero Trust access policies with contextual information such as users, user-groups, location, enterprise sites, device information, ensuring only secure legitimate access to private application is permitted.
  • Get real-time monitoring of all activities across all protocols (TCP, UDP, ICMP, etc. ) and ports to identify unauthorized access attempts.
  • Enforce granular security policies based on factors including destination IP network, source IP network, destination port, source port, and protocol, reducing the risk from malicious applications.
  • Provide secure access to network segments to allow or block access to specific ports and protocols within the broader network segment, reducing network administration while preserving security.

Onboard corporate private apps and users quickly and easily.

  • Connect to applications wherever they’re located. Since Lookout integrates with your existing identity provider (IDP), SSO configuration is simple and deployment is quick.
  • Onboard workers, applications, new acquisitions, and end user devices faster thanks to a well integrated cloud delivered security stack. 

Secure access for your partners and contractors.

  • Leverage a reverse proxy to enable agentless access to private enterprise applications.
  • Apply all the dynamic access controls and data protection required to deliver secure access to external partners, such as customers, partners and contractors.
  • Enable your organization to improve collaboration and productivity with external parties, who use devices and networks that are outside of your control while ensuring private applications and data are secure.

Protect from internal and external cyber threats 

  • Detect, alert, and prevent insider threats with integrated user behavior analytics, data loss prevention, and anti-malware antivirus protection. 
  • Enable your workers to access and use the information they need without concern for misuse.

Enable cloud computing while preserving on-premises IT investments.

  • Provide SaaS-like access to your applications wherever they are located with Lookout Secure Private Access—giving you the flexibility to move to the cloud at your own speed.
  • Keep the option of continuing with existing on-prem investments until fully amortized and can plan for a phased approach to the moving to the cloud.

Simplify your VPN migration to a data-centric ZTNA

  • Discover and seamlessly onboard private applications running on your network, whether they are on-premises or hosted in the cloud
  • An Enterprise App Discovery dashboard provides quick visibility into all private apps hosted and accessed within your corporate network
  • Once onboarded, easily implement granular policies or fine tune existing policies, based on type and sensitivity of the data and the app.

Proof of Value

Clients looking for a comprehensive SSE solution should consider Lookout.

Craig Lawson
Charlie Winckless
Feb 2022

Lookout Secure Private Access combines DLP content inspection, threat prevention, and advanced UEBA with popular access controls to private applications. The platform's unique risk-based Continuous Conditional Access enables customers to protect sensitive data, especially against leaks on unmanaged devices.

Business Customer
Status 2021 Award Logo on a dark background

Lookout Named A Global Leader For Cloud Security Service In The 2021 Stratus Cloud Computing Awards

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