October 20, 2020

Lookout Unveils Industry’s First Comprehensive Endpoint Detection and Response Solution Purpose-Built for Mobile

San Francisco, CA – October 21, 2020Lookout Inc., the leader in mobile security, today announced the industry’s first comprehensive mobile endpoint detection and response (EDR) solution as part of the Lookout Security Platform. Lookout mobile EDR incorporates the unique console that its researchers have used to analyze ground-breaking mobile threats including Pegasus, Dark Caracal, Monokle and most recently SilkBean. Lookout EDR enables organizations to conduct their own research and hunt threats to stop data breaches.

Today’s cyberattackers utilize sophisticated methods over many days or weeks to execute a data breach, and not all of these attacks involve malware or exploits. Lookout protects organizations against malicious apps, app risks, vulnerabilities, and malicious and phishing URLs. The addition of EDR to the Lookout Security Platform delivers the industry’s first comprehensive capability to detect and respond to mobile threats in order to stop advanced attacks. This is critical with the ubiquitous use of smartphones, tablets and Chromebooks for work.

“This past year, we have seen organizations of all sizes and industries struggle to ensure their security protocols match with the unique needs of their remote workforce,” said Phil Hochmuth, Program Vice President, Enterprise Mobility at IDC. “It is no longer sufficient to only have activity monitoring for desktop and laptop computers as mobile devices have become a primary tool employees use to stay productive away from the office.”

Delivering effective EDR for mobile endpoints is very different than for desktops and laptops. Lookout delivers a distinctly mobile-first approach that is sensitive to the constrained resources on mobile platforms and the privacy of end users while supporting the threat response and investigation process.

“Every employee uses a mobile device for work but most companies are not monitoring attacks on these devices. For that reason, advanced persistent threats (APTs) are increasingly attacking mobile rather than traditional endpoints or corporate infrastructure,“ says Aaron Cockerill, Chief Strategy Officer, Lookout. “Mobile endpoint detection and response enables organizations to hunt for APTs by identifying the mobile component of these cyberattacks.”

Lookout delivers the only platform built for mobile from the ground up by applying artificial intelligence on telemetry data from nearly 215 million devices and over 269 million apps. Lookout EDR enables security analysts to research APTs and investigate incidents uncovered by the platform automatically convicting malicious code, identifying risky app behavior, and detecting app and device threats on mobile endpoints.

“When EDR was first introduced for desktop and laptop devices, it provided an important tool for security teams to investigate advanced cyberattacks and prevent a data breach,” says John Ramsey, Chief Information Security Officer, National Student Clearinghouse. “Mobile endpoints like smartphones, tablets and Chromebooks need the same EDR coverage, and the direction that Lookout is taking fills a critical requirement.”

Visit Lookout.com to learn more about the Lookout Security Platform.


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