As most of us continue to work away from the office, we’re increasingly dividing our attention between traditional endpoints and mobile devices. Lookout and VMWare have partnered together to enable a unified security and management experience. With telemetry data from all your devices, you can deploy a Zero-Trust strategy and investigate incidents across your entire organization.

Unified security to protect your organization

Organizations can no longer just pay attention to desktops or laptops. With employees working away from the office, they are constantly jumping between their laptops and mobile devices. To safeguard your infrastructure holistically, you need real time monitoring and defense for mobile devices to work alongside your security for your other endpoints.

The Lookout Security Platform integrates seamlessly with VMWare Workspace ONE Intelligence. By doing so, we consolidate the mobile security intelligence from Lookout with telemetry data for fixed endpoints from Carbon Black. With everything displayed on a single dashboard, security teams can manage and secure all their devices with ease.

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Cross-platform threat hunting

Unified security is the first step towards closing the security gap within your organization. But with the increase in frequency and cost of data breaches, you also need to be able to actively investigate threat incidents. These attacks often involve a sequence of events and attack different types of endpoints.

With Lookout and VMware, your security team is able to easily investigate incidents across your fixed and mobile endpoints, understand where the attacker is and what they are doing.

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Holistically implement Zero Trust

In today’s work environment, your employees no longer need to be in the office to stay productive. But this means your perimeter-based security solution is obsolete.

To secure your data while enabling your employees to work wherever they choose to, you need a Zero Trust strategy. With full visibility into your fixed and mobile endpoints, Lookout and VMware empowers you with the data needed to implement Zero Trust.

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