Secure your mobile device

Protect your work and personal data


Your mobile device is your world, home and work, now we must protect it.

We are interacting with our smartphones and tablets at a staggering rate for our personal and work lives. With just a few swipes of our fingers, we can text our friends, share photos with our family and pay bills. Without thinking twice, we can access to sensitive corporate data such as customer information, research, and financials from the same devices.

Your organization has chosen Lookout so you can safely operate on mobile and be protected from known and unknown threats. Downloading the Lookout for Work app and following the enrollment instructions as quickly as possible will make sure your work and personal data are protected from mobile attacks that use modern tactics and procedures.

Nowadays, no one is safe from a cyberattack. By using Lookout, you can do your part in reducing the risk of a data breach and will help keep your organization, its data, and fellow employees secure.