March 20, 2017
News Release

Lookout Expands Mobile Endpoint Security Solution To Enhance Productivity Across iOS Enterprises

Introduces enterprise app review to enable iOS-centric enterprises building their own custom apps to rapidly analyze for data policy compliance and security risks

San Francisco, CA (March 20, 2017) -- Lookout, the global leader in securing mobility, has expanded its enterprise security solution, Lookout Mobile Endpoint Security, to address the most pressing needs of iOS- centric organizations and accelerate the adoption of secure mobility.

Lookout and Apple understand mobile is transforming the way business is done, and as mobile productivity increases, enterprises are developing their own apps to take advantage of this transformation. As a new Apple mobility partner, Lookout is introducing enterprise app review to enable enterprises building their own iOS apps to rapidly analyze them for data policy compliance and security risks. With enterprise app review, custom iOS apps are uploaded into the Lookout Security Cloud for correlation against a 40-million-app database to uncover anomalies before distribution via internal app stores.

Many enterprises have unique compliance policies that specify how corporate data should be stored and transmitted, including while in use on mobile devices and in apps. Some mobile apps or public Wi-Fi networks compromise company or industry policies. For example, enterprise apps developed by third parties and distributed through internal app stores may lack sufficient encryption to protect customer or patient data.

“Enterprises must be confident that their data is secure while employees are working anywhere in the world,” said Santosh Krishnan, Lookout chief product officer. “This new functionality is addressing mobile compliance as part of our collective mission to help organizations seamlessly embrace mobile productivity in the workplace.”

In addition to reviewing custom apps, Lookout Mobile Endpoint Security can also review apps downloaded from the App Store. While vetted and approved through Apple's stringent App Store approval process, some apps may send contact or location information to an external server which may directly contradict corporate policy. Plus, with the rise of mobile productivity on the go, employees are frequently connecting to public Wi-Fi networks which could expose corporate data in transit.

Lookout Mobile Endpoint Security extends the built-in security of the iOS platform by leveraging the Lookout Security Cloud to provide enterprises with visibility and protection across network threats and suspicious behaviors for apps that are built in-house and distributed via MDM for iOS. Lookout customers will be able to:

  • Identify risk within in-house built apps: As enterprises develop apps to create mobile workflows that improve productivity among employees or customers, developers will be able to quickly submit apps for review. This review provides immediate data on non-compliant app behaviors, malware, and code vulnerabilities, while also providing visibility into whether an app has unsanctioned or private APIs written into its code.
  • Enable employees to work safely on the go: Lookout secures employee devices and data through an automatic on-device analysis of network connections to defend against attacks and ensure information is being securely transmitted.
  • Take steps towards reaching compliance on mobile: Enterprises now have visibility into apps installed within their employee base that may be out of compliance with corporate security policies and/or industry regulations. Exclusively for iOS, enterprises can see which apps connect to cloud services and those that could potentially violate corporate data policy, such as sharing contact and location information. Lookout will also provide enterprises with insights into whether iOS apps are taking advantage of the newest security features in iOS.

Lookout Mobile Endpoint Security is sold through Lookout’s Channel Partner Program. For iOS-specific enterprise employees, the Lookout app can be downloaded from the App Store. To learn more about Lookout Mobile Endpoint Security visit

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