Stop Breaches Before They Happen

Endpoint detection and response for all your mobile devices

Protection alone is not enough

With the increase in frequency and cost of cybersecurity breaches, security teams have shifted their focus from protect-the-endpoint to protect-the-data. In addition to blocking malware, your team needs tools to investigate file-less cyberattacks that do not use malware and insider threats. An example is when an attacker uses credentials stolen through a phishing scam to exfiltrate data.

Cyberattacks that result in a data breach rarely occur in a single event. Cyberattackers will work slowly and silently to identify vulnerabilities, steal credentials, insert malicious code like ransomware or exfiltrate data. These steps take place across multiple endpoints, and over many weeks or months.

Mobile has opened new opportunities for cybercriminals

While many organizations have comprehensive activity monitoring for servers, desktop and laptop computers, what they lack is the same telemetry for iOS, Android and Chrome OS devices. As employees have increased their use of mobile devices for work, attacks on these endpoints have increased.

To be effective at stopping data breaches, security teams need the same comprehensive data for mobile endpoints that they have for servers, desktops and laptops. Because mobile operating systems never permitted kernel access and required apps to operate in isolation, it had been incorrectly assumed that collecting comprehensive telemetry was impossible.

Rapidly analyze real-time telemetry data to stop breaches

To develop our behavior-based threat protection capabilities, Lookout analyzes thousands of telemetry data points collected from iOS, Android and Chrome OS devices running our lightweight app. We are the experts at identifying indicators of compromise necessary to detect and respond to mobile threats. This expertise comes from analyzing over 200 million devices and 120 million apps.

Our mobile endpoint detection and response console presents this device and app telemetry data for your mobile fleet in a way that you can easily query. This console also enables you to search the continuously updated results of our analysis of malicious and phishing websites.

Searching within this comprehensive mobile endpoint security graph enables security teams to understand if an active attack involves mobile endpoints, where the attacker is and what they are doing. Answering these questions empowers them to contain the attack, prevent a data breach and model the necessary changes to prevent the attack from happening again.

How we help our customers

Nasdaq, Inc.

Lookout enables Nasdaq employees to securely use Office 365

Schneider Electric

Schneider reduced their cybersecurity risk globally with Lookout

US Armed Services

Lookout enabled secure BYOD for government agencies

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