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Phishing isn’t just for email on mobile devices

We trust our mobile devices. Whether they are company- or employee-owned, we treat them as an integral part of both our personal and professional life. We take photos of our friends and family, we communicate with colleagues, and log onto business applications. Mobile devices also have the same access to business data as desktop computers.

Unlike our desktop, there are endless ways for cyber attackers to deliver phishing links via iOS, Android and Chrome OS apps. They can send us a phishing link in virtually any app on our device. These include social media, messaging, gaming, and even dating apps.

The design of mobile interfaces obfuscates details typically available on a desktop that can help us identify a phishing attack. Mobile URLs are truncated and users don’t know how to hover over links to expose the full URL or email address. This means there is a greater imperative to have phishing protection on mobile devices.

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Don’t let mobile be the attacker’s entry point

Using traditional anti-phishing approaches on mobile devices quickly becomes a privacy issue because they inspect email messages to block attacks. All mobile devices, even if company issued, are considered to be personal devices. Only inspecting email content would miss the other 99% of methods used for sending a phishing link to a mobile user.

Most anti-phishing solutions rely on a list of nefarious domains and web addresses. However, over 1.5 million mobile phishing sites are created every month. And most phishing sites are built and dismantled in a matter of hours or days. Relying on reputation-based methods to detect a mobile phishing attack alone is insufficient.

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AI-powered SWG delivering endpoint phishing and content protection

Effortless phishing protection

Lookout Phishing and Content Protection (PCP) provides SWG functionality when your perimeter is no longer in the picture. We do so by filtering the Internet locally on the device regardless of the network used and respecting the user’s privacy. By combining our Phishing AI engine with reputation lists of known phishing sites, PCP secures against zero-hour phishing attacks in real time.We compare every web request from your mobile device with this combined dataset, whether it’s on Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or cellular. By performing the comparison on the local endpoint device rather than sending it to the cloud, we are respecting the individual’s privacy.

Content protection via web content filtering

We have a scalable approach to phishing protection that can also provide filtering of inappropriate web content and ensure you stay compliant to regulations. By providing SWG on your mobile endpoints, we enable your security administrator to select categories of content to be filtered in specific geographies. In addition, they can upload domains and web addresses of inappropriate or restricted sites that we will also filter.

Lookout stopped more than 3 million mobile threats in the last 12 months

How we help our customers

Nasdaq, Inc.

Lookout enables Nasdaq employees to securely use Office 365

Schneider Electric

Schneider reduced their cybersecurity risk globally with Lookout

US Armed Services

Lookout enabled secure BYOD for government agencies

How we help our customers

A massive threat on a small screen

We treat our mobile devices as a trusted device.

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