The Risk of Not Patching

Vulnerability and patch management for iOS and Android

Hope is not a vulnerability patching strategy

With tablets and smartphones now being used in nearly every business process, there is too much inherent risk in hoping that employees will keep their operating system and apps up to date. This was less of a risk when these devices were only being used to read email, but they now have the same access to data as every laptop and desktop.

With mobile devices now the key to productivity, cybercriminals are increasingly exploiting mobile vulnerabilities on outdated apps and OS versions to initiate their attack. Amplifying this risk, a single out-of-date app can expose the entire device to exploitation. Patching mobile vulnerabilities is a necessity.

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Patching requires the right combination of OS and apps versions

Traditional vulnerability and patch management focused on servers, rather than endpoints. This was because desktops and laptops have been managed, used a common image and were regularly patched. Therefore, the primary vulnerability risk had been the unpatched server.

Today, it is only possible to ensure mobile devices run a minimum version of the operating system with mobile device management (MDM). But as employees increasingly use unmanaged personal smartphones and tablets for work, MDM cannot provide complete coverage. Traditional vulnerability management can’t fill this gap since it relies on devices attaching to the office network rather than home Wi-Fi or cellular networks.

Patch with confidence using curated vulnerability data

Lookout Mobile Vulnerability and Patch Management enables you to know every version of an operating system and mobile app in your organization. We provide visibility into device risk independent of whether it is company- or employee-owned, as well as managed or unmanaged.

Lookout crowdsources the most comprehensive vulnerability and patch management database from analysis of nearly 200 million mobile devices and over 120 million apps. We correlate the app and operating system versions needed to patch vulnerabilities – a process that is nearly impossible for humans to do today. In addition, our database identifies the latest version of Android available to a myriad of device versions that are specific to carriers and regional markets.

To prevent vulnerabilities on mobile apps, operating systems and devices from putting your data at risk, Lookout restricts access to corporate infrastructure until the device is patched. In addition, we send remediation instructions to the user so they can regain access once they eliminate the risk.

How we help our customers

Nasdaq, Inc.

Lookout enables Nasdaq employees to securely use Office 365

Schneider Electric

Schneider reduced their cybersecurity risk globally with Lookout

US Armed Services

Lookout enabled secure BYOD for government agencies

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Why vulnerability management is critical

Use personal devices without adding risk.

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It’s hard to manage with the tools you have now

Vulnerability management requires a data-driven approach.

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Implement Zero Trust

Adapt access policies in real time for mobile devices.

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