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Financial services threat report

Mobility and cloud apps are now a key component of how financial institutions operate. But this digital environment has exposed you and your customers’ data to new risks – as data now travels to where it's needed. Read the Financial Services Threat Report to better understand the risks your organization is exposed to

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Handling data and funds is different now

Financial services is now a digital-first industry. The recent rapid transformation to a virtual environment, while not entirely by choice, has unlocked untapped potential for your organization. Your employees are collaborating with each other seamlessly without needing to go into the office and your customers are receiving reliable and efficient services online.

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Everything’s happening outside your organization’s control

While productivity has skyrocketed, data now travels to where it’s needed – such as your employees’ home Wi-Fi and personal computers as well as your customers’ mobile apps. This means your sensitive financial information is now being handled by networks and endpoints you don’t control. Without your legacy perimeter security, it’s difficult to know what you’re up against.

Top Four Threats Overview

Secure your data from endpoint to cloud

To ensure data is secure and that you comply with regulations, you need data protection from the cloud like you still have a perimeter. This requires you to have a deep understanding of your users’ behavior, the endpoints and apps they use, the type of data you own and how it’s being handled.

Lookout integrates endpoint security with secure access edge service (SASE), enabling you to secure your data as it travels from endpoints to the cloud. Our solution gives you complete visibility into what’s happening so you can dial in precise controls and give dynamic access to those that need it. We also have all the insights you need to threat hunt and investigate advanced cyber attacks.

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