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Banking is different now

Financial services is now a digital-first industry. The recent rapid transformation to a virtual environment, while not entirely by choice, has unlocked untapped potential for your organization. Your employees are collaborating with each other seamlessly without needing to go into the office and your customers are receiving reliable and efficient services online.

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Mobile has opened new opportunities for cybercriminals

While this new reality has created benefits, it has also introduced new ways for cybercriminals to compromise your business – namely through tablets and smartphones and consumer-facing apps. Your employees are handling financial data of businesses and consumers on mobile devices while working outside the legacy perimeter security. Your customers are also increasingly relying on mobile apps to bank on the go.

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Protect your employees and your consumers

To fully protect your data, you need a comprehensive mobile security solution that can automatically detect threats when employees and customers use mobile devices. Whether it’s the tablet your employee uses to connect to cloud apps or your customers paying bills on their smartphones.

The Lookout security platform has protected and analyzed nearly 200 million devices and over 100 million apps to-date. We know what mobile threats look like and can automatically detect them without affecting your employees’ and your customers’ privacy.

How can Lookout help you?

Mobile Security: Empower your remote workers to safely stay productive

Your IT team is likely having a hard time seeing whether the devices connecting to your organization are trustworthy. Lookout continuously monitors the device’s health – regardless if it’s company-owned or personal – and only allows it to connect to your data if it’s free of compromise.

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Embedded App Defense: Protect your customers with security on your apps

More than ever, your consumers are now looking to their mobile apps to manage their financial lives. Lookout Embedded App Defense is a lightweight SDK that addresses two requirements. First, it ensures your mobile banking app is secure. Second, it monitors the health of your customer’s device to ensure it’s free of compromise when using your app.

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Cloud Key Security: Manage and secure your encryption keys

In a cloud-centric world, you need to stay ahead of evolving threats to your infrastructure and remain compliant with financial regulations. Your data must be protected from all threats to cloud infrastructure, including insider threats. With Lookout Cloud Key Security you control the management and storage of encryption keys that protect cloud infrastructure.

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Success Story

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Case Study

Top US national bank deploys Lookout Cloud Key Security

Learn how a leading financial organization uses Lookout secure cloud infrastructure to stay ahead of the ever-evolving threat landscape.

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