Protecting Data that Affects Patient Care and Safety

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University and Government healthcare institutions need cybersecurity strategies and tools that prevent and mitigate cyber risks amidst an ever changing and increasingly sophisticated threat landscape. Unfortunately, most legacy security solutions were implemented with the traditional network architecture, perimeter, and business operating model in mind, so they aren’t up to the task.

Lookout’s Security Service Edge (SSE) platform eliminates the need for a patchwork of technologies with a unified, converged product that provides end-to-end data protection and visibility – from the endpoint to the on-premises data center, to the edge, to the cloud, and everywhere in between.

How A Leading University Hospital System Secures Patient Data With Lookout

Data and devices are everywhere

  • Telehealth has become a prominent presence and a permanent fixture in our healthcare system.
  • Sharing and storage of healthcare data across a wide range of devices and systems is on the rise, driven by telehealth and sensor technology embedded in mobile and medical devices.
  • Use of information technology in hospital environments is pervasive. According to a McKinsey study, 92.6 percent of physicians use smartphones in their clinical practice, with tablet use on the rise.
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Data is at risk and must be protected

  • Adoption of new technology, telehealth, and remote work means data now resides in countless apps-on-premises and in the cloud-accessed, shared, and handled by managed and unmanaged devices and networks.
  • With an expanded attack surface that can leave high-value data exposed, university and federal hospitals are increasingly attractive targets for ransomware and other internal/external cyber threats.
  • Legacy security solutions are tied to outdated hospital operating models and network architectures and perimeters where data and users no longer reside exclusively. 
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Data protection requires a unified approach

  • University and Government healthcare systems need a security solution that allows them to proactively detect, identify, mitigate, and respond to threats – quickly and confidently.
  • The Lookout Security Platform is a unified, converged solution that delivers end-to-end data visibility and protection from endpoint devices to private apps inside data centers to apps in the cloud.
  • Lookout combines endpoint intelligence and threat research with cloud access controls, secure web gateways, data loss prevention, and digital rights management, offering data protection from a single pane of glass.
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