Privacy and security for the way we work and live today

Our mission is to protect your data in today’s post-perimeter, privacy-focused world. With your applications and data migrating to the cloud, and 5G wireless networks right around the corner, securing your mobile endpoints is no longer an option – it’s an imperative.

Mobile devices are being targeted like never before, which is why leading businesses are turning to Lookout for protection from the unique threats encountered across the entire spectrum of mobile risk. Lookout solutions are tailored for any industry and any company size, from individual users to large global enterprises and governmental organisations. Leveraging artificial intelligence, the Lookout Security Cloud provides visibility and protection from advanced device, application, network and web-based threats, vulnerabilities and other risks.

The Lookout story

Nearly a decade ago, we realised the world was rapidly becoming more connected. So, Lookout set about securing it – from current threats to those yet to emerge. In fact, the Lookout founders were the first to understand that mobile devices would soon be the “computer in our pocket”, carrying our most private and personal information, and providing easy access for bad actors to compromise or steal our data.

This led us to embark upon an ambitious initiative to create a mobile security solution for the modern enterprise. Not only were we faced with defining and developing a new technology, we were simultaneously creating an entirely new cybersecurity category. We first had to convince businesses to see the world differently – to realise the endpoints used to access corporate systems would extend beyond desktops and laptops to encompass smartphones and tablets.

Fast forward to today and we’re the recognised leader in enterprise mobile security. Not only did we create the Mobile Threat Defense market, we have introduced several trailblazing solutions, including Lookout Mobile Endpoint Security, Phishing and Content Protection and App Defense—all fuelled by the Lookout Security Cloud.

Industry recognition and leadership

Lookout continues to lead the way in the cybersecurity industry through strategic initiatives such as the Post-Perimeter Security Alliance. And, we are proud to be the only Mobile Threat Defense vendor named on the Forbes Cloud 100 for four consecutive years.

In addition, Lookout is routinely recognised for our ground-breaking threat research. Our team of highly skilled security researchers have discovered some of the most dangerous campaigns in cybersecurity and their work is routinely cited in leading news outlets.

Our leadership team brings insight from decades of experience at world-class technology companies and are passionate about securing the post-perimeter world for individuals and organisations around the globe.

Forbes Cloud 100

Forbes Cloud 100

Lookout is proud to be included on the Forbes 2019 Cloud 100 list. The list is produced by Forbes in collaboration with Bessemer Venture Partners and Salesforce Ventures and features the top 100 companies leading the cloud technology revolution worldwide.

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