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February 13, 2020

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CASB for SAP SuccessFactors

Anywhere access can leave you in the dark

The wholesale adoption of cloud applications has changed how organizations operate — including human resources. As a leading human capital management (HCM) solution, SAP SuccessFactors leads this charge, enabling your end users and administrators to do what they need to do from anywhere and on any device.

But this creates issues of visibility and control. With people using unmanaged devices and networks without perimeter security in place, you are left in the dark on how your employees’ sensitive and personal information is handled.

SuccessFactors holds a diverse range of sensitive data

SAP SuccessFactors has boosted your productivity and makes it easy for employees to access what they need. But the wide range of sensitive employee information within SuccessFactors creates additional security challenges.

With a dozen unique modules, it acts like a multi-cloud environment, handling data from banking and health information to performance goals and compensation. Without understanding how your users are behaving and handling data, it’s nearly impossible to control and make sure your organization is respecting personal privacy and complying with regulations.

Safeguard your data with our unique integration

Lookout Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) is uniquely built to handle SAP SuccessFactors. We’re the only CASB on the SAP Store. We are also the only CASB integration partner with SAP, which means we have deep knowledge of how the platform handles and stores data.

Armed with this unique understanding, we know exactly how your users are handling your data — even the sensitive information you may be reluctant to move to the cloud. We give you the ability to provide only the access your users need, keeping your data secure and ensuring you stay compliant. We also provide activity logs, ensuring you can conduct forensic investigations and compliance audits with ease.

Why Lookout Cloud Access Security Broker

Provides granular and dynamic access that adheres to Zero Trust

Your HR admins and end users need seamless access. We give you the visibility and control to ensure you provide only the access they need, so you don’t risk the rest of your data.

Secure your data no matter where and how it’s being accessed

With advanced data protection technologies, we ensure your data is safe at all times. Whether it’s access from a restricted region or unauthorized download of sensitive files, we provide access to the people you trust.

Protect against malware and insider threats

Whether it’s ransomware being uploaded by a job applicant or an insider altering and downloading sensitive information, you need visibility and control. With insight into what’s happening we can secure you against anomalous behaviors and malware.

Ensure you stay compliant with ease

Governance and compliance is never easy, especially when you’re handling as much information as a HCM. We let you know and control exactly how data is handled so you can remain compliant with ease.

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