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February 13, 2020

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CASB for Slack

Anywhere access can leave you in the dark

Cloud applications have changed how we collaborate and communicate. Slack is one of the most widely-used business communication platforms in the world — operating at the heart of innovation and collaboration for organizations across all geographies and industries. The app is used across personal, managed and unmanaged devices as employees check in on projects from home and on the go.

But this creates issues of visibility and control. With people using devices and networks you don’t control, it’s nearly impossible to understand how documents, proprietary information and other sensitive company data is being handled.

Slack enables fluid productivity

Slack is arguably one of the biggest catalysts for employee productivity. Users can integrate other apps with it to increase their own productivity and more easily collaborate on any project from one hub. But this deep integration into the roots of your infrastructure can create additional security challenges.

Part of what makes Slack so useful is how easily employees can work from it across mobile and desktop. This puts highly sensitive data at risk of being downloaded to a personal or unmanaged device, which not only threatens your organization’s compliance standing, but could expose that data to attacks that come through personal channels. You also need to be able to manage who has access to certain channels in Slack if, for example, you have an executive-only channel or one exclusively for roadmap research.

Safeguard your data with our unique integration

Lookout Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) is uniquely built to secure data as it moves in and out of Slack on any device. Collaborating closely with Slack, we fully integrate data loss prevention (DLP) and data protection via E-DRM into our solution. In addition, we give you full visibility into user and entity behavior analytics (UEBA) and collaboration controls to detect anomalous behavior across any user or device.

Armed with these capabilities, admins can create granular data policies around access, transfer and encryption of data in Slack. This enables you to control how users collaborate with external parties with channel-based policies, you can ensure secure collaboration across all Slack workspaces and prevent unauthorized users from having access to a strong thread in the fabric of your organization.

Why Lookout Cloud Access Security Broker

Provides granular and dynamic access that adheres to Zero Trust

Every employee needs seamless access to Slack. We give you the visibility and control to ensure you provide the right access to authorized users only.

Secure your data no matter where and how it’s being accessed

With advanced data protection technologies, we automatically classify and encrypt your high-value sensitive data, ensuring that only trusted users have access.

Protect against malware and insider threats

With data, files and knowledge constantly flowing through Slack, you need to know if anyone is mishandling resources. By understanding what’s happening, we can secure you against malware and anomalous behaviors.

Channel-level access control

Ensure that unauthorized users aren’t invited to private Slack channels by other members. Policy-based access enables automated enforcement of access to channels that may contain highly sensitive data such as research, finances and sales.

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