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June 24, 2021

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Lookout and NTT DOCOMO Partner to Deliver Identity Security

Tablets and mobile devices have become an essential part of our daily lives, especially as 5G expands and remote work continues. This means these devices hold some of the most sensitive information that is tied to our digital identity. Today, I’m excited to share that we have expanded our consumer partnership with NTT DOCOMO to include identity monitoring and protection for DOCOMO’s subscribers across Android and iOS devices.

With over 80 million customers, DOCOMO is Japan’s leading mobile network operator across consumer and enterprise markets and a top global developer of 5G networks. Since 2017, Lookout has partnered with DOCOMO to enhance its mobile security offering with our leading mobile security platform. To protect its subscribers and secure their collective digital identities, DOCOMO has selected Lookout to power the Dark Web Monitoring capabilities of DOCOMO’s Anshin Security Platform across both iOS and Android devices.

One of the biggest threats to your digital identity are the many high profile data breaches that expose tens of millions of users’ data every year. With this data out in the open, fraudsters can steal your identity and financial information months or even years after it has been leaked. This new integration expands our security collaboration to include guarding DOCOMO customers’ privacy, personal data and digital identity.

Our latest efforts: Safeguarding digital identities

The shift to the digital world has made everything more convenient for everyone, including cyberattackers. With just a few swipes of a finger, we can shop online, manage our bank accounts and message family and friends. But this new shift has also exposed our personal identity and financial information to greater risk of theft.

Increasingly, the organizations we entrust with our private data are being targeted, and most breaches either go unreported or discovered only much later. Unbeknown to most, all of this stolen information then finds its way to the Dark Web where it is made readily available to criminals syndicates, fraudsters and crooks for a price.  

The Lookout Dark Web Monitoring capability set protects DOCOMO subscribers by actively monitoring for the presence of their personal data on the Dark Web. Since data found on the Dark Web is an early indicator of identity theft, the Anshin Security App will immediately alert the user once their leaked information is detected.

The types of data we keep track of include email addresses, login IDs, phone numbers, banking and credit card information, and passport numbers.

Security from device to digital identity

Since 2019, Lookout has been powering the Anshin Security Safe Wi-Fi and Safe Browsing capabilities for DOCOMO iOS users, protecting them from network and web-based threats. This Dark Web Monitoring integration is just the latest in our partnership with DOCOMO.

I’m pleased this partnership continues to expand. With our continued collaboration, Lookout now secures DOCOMO customers in multiple ways — on their device, the networks they use and how their private information is being handled on the internet.

Check out our announcement of this latest integration to learn more.

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