Lookout Partners with Telkomsel to Deliver Mobile Device and Application Security

April 19, 2021
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Mobile devices and mobile apps have become a primary way for most of us to get work done and manage our lives. This is why I’m excited that Telkomsel has partnered with Lookout to launch Telkomsel Mobile Endpoint Protection (MEP) and Telkomsel Mobile App Protection (MAP). These solutions are powered by the cloud-delivered Lookout Security Graph. Click here to read today’s news release.

With over 180 million subscribers and millions of business customers, Telkomsel is the largest carrier in Indonesia and one of the largest in Asia. The company is the leading provider of business solutions for customers across small business, enterprise, and government segments. With MEP and MAP, Telkomsel demonstrates its leadership and commitment to secure and empower the digital future of Indonesian enterprises and their customers.

“Telkomsel is a digital telecommunications company committed to enabling customer-centric solutions for all of our customers across Indonesia, whether B2B or B2C customers,” said Dharma Simorangkir, SVP Enterprise, Telkomsel. “Today, in partnership with Lookout, this commitment is translated with the launch of Telkomsel Mobile Endpoint Protection and Telkomsel Apps Protection that provide maximum security for our business customers. With greater security, companies can continue to focus on increasing their productivity without having to worry about their application and data protection.”

According to Asia Times, cybercriminals have amped up people-focused attacks on businesses, and the most prevalent of them all are phishing attacks themselves.

The New Telkomsel solutions powered by Lookout

To address this growing need, Lookout and Telkomsel have tailored a set of solutions purpose-built for business customers in Indonesia.

  • Telkomsel Mobile Endpoint Protection delivers security to iOS, Android and Chrome OS devices in a privacy-aware manner. With a lightweight app that’s optimized for processor performance and battery, it scales frictionlessly to hundreds of thousands of endpoints.
  • Telkomsel Mobile App Protection, secures any app against device, app and network threats with just a few lines of code. Its lightweight SDK library is designed to have zero impact on the performance of the application.

These offerings are a testament to the work Telkomsel is doing to ensure mobile security is widely available and easily accessible to all business customers. As a pioneer in mobile endpoint protection and mobile endpoint detection and response, we are proud to partner with an organization exhibiting a mission that so closely aligns with our own.

Check out the Telkomsel news release to learn more about this partnership and these two new security solutions.

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