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October 21, 2020

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Mobile EDR for Security Professionals by Security Professionals

In case you missed it, Lookout just announced something that I’m super excited about – the introduction of threat hunting and research into the Lookout Security Platform. The reason this is so satisfying is because we are enabling organizations to use the same tools our security analysts have been using for years.

While the announcement is a major milestone for the company, as we’re introducing the industry’s first comprehensive endpoint detection and response (EDR) solution for mobile, it’s also a celebration of our threat intelligence team’s track record. Our researchers have exposed some of the most sophisticated mobile threats ever found, such as Pegasus, Dark Caracal, Monokle and most recently SilkBean. In fact, our research team has been responsible for over 90 percent of all mobile threat discoveries over the past five years. They’re simply the best in the business.

With this introduction, your organization has the opportunity to use the same tools to investigate cyberattacks involving mobile devices and prevent data breaches. These are research tools designed by security professionals for security professionals.

Check out Lookout EDR in action

We purpose-built a security platform for mobile

The fact is, delivering effective security and EDR for mobile is very different to that of legacy devices such as servers, desktops and laptops. On mobile devices you cannot rely on tactics that are battery draining, privacy-invasive, or require privileged access to the operating systems and apps.

Lookout understood these challenges over a decade ago and have been continuously innovating on our solution ever since. We designed a platform from the ground up that made us experts in leveraging big data and machine intelligence-based analysis. This enables us to deliver a distinctly mobile-first approach that is sensitive to the constrained resources on mobile platforms and the privacy of end users while supporting the threat detection and response process.

The foundation of our security platform is grounded on our advanced machine intelligence leveraging the Lookout Security Graph. The Graph contains behavioral analysis of telemetry data from nearly 200 million devices, 120 million apps and continuously analyzes over 4 million URLs every day. This platform automatically detects threats continuously without human intervention even if we have never seen them before.

Detect and respond to the endpoints you use the most

Mobile devices have created a major gap in many organizations’ security architecture. The issue is that many organizations still consider tablets, smartphones and Chromebooks an afterthought in their overall security strategy. Many assume incorrectly that mobile devices are free from security risks or that mobile device management (MDM) solutions provide adequate protection.

The reality is, every one of your employees now uses at least one mobile device for work. And just because these modern operating systems can defend against more traditional attacks doesn’t mean they are inherently secure. These devices are still vulnerable to malicious code and because of their small form factor and personal nature, they’re also very vulnerable to phishing and social engineering attacks.

We are putting you in the driver’s seat

Mobile devices now have just as much access to your organization’s information as traditional endpoints. As we continue to work away from the office, your employees’ reliance on mobile devices is only increasing. To investigate incidents and stop breaches, you cannot afford to ignore them.

Cyberattacks rarely occur in a single event or only involve traditional endpoints. To truly defend your organization, you need to block that mobile gap. You need telemetry data from all your endpoints, not just your servers and desktops.

With the Lookout EDR solution, you can fill that security gap. Lookout already enables organizations to automatically detect and respond to security incidents. With the new threat hunting and research capability, you are able to conduct your own investigations and potentially identify advanced persistent threats and block breaches before they happen.

To learn more about the industry’s first comprehensive EDR solution for mobile visit our EDR page. You can also find out more about the Lookout Security Platform by visiting

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