Protect Your Growing Business With Enterprise-Grade Security

"With 43% of online attacks now aimed at small businesses... only 14% are prepared to defend themselves"

Regardless of how many employees you have, your growing business faces the same threats as larger organizations. And you depend on engaging your customers on a personal level to stand out in the crowd. So to preserve that relationship, you need a mobile security solution that protects your data and their privacy.

With Lookout for Small and Medium Businesses (SMB), you will be using mobile security based on the same platform that serves the world’s largest organizations. We make it easy for you to secure your tablets, smartphones and Chromebooks with a simple enrollment process, easy-to-use protection settings and on-device remediation guidance for your employees.

How To Buy

Mobile security made easy

Empower your employees to work safely

To run an effective business, you need to keep your employees passionate and actively engaged. That’s why you can’t afford to have security get in the way of their productivity.

Lookout provides a security solution that empowers your employees to work the way they want while at the same time fully protecting your business' sensitive information. We do all this without invading your workers’ privacy. With a data-driven solution, we can automatically detect threats without inspecting your user’s content.

Mobile security that does not require an IT team

Lookout for SMB is a lightweight mobile app that monitors the security health of mobile devices in real-time, enabling you and your employees to directly react to issues without requiring a security expert or administrator.

More than 95% of users running Lookout on their mobile devices self-remediate threats, avoiding unnecessary administration burden. You will have peace of mind knowing that Lookout is working continuously to keep you, your employees and your business secure.

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Securely enable mobility

Increase employee productivity and stay competitive.

No special setup needed

Download the app and enroll devices with three simple clicks.

Protection without prying

Stop threats by detecting behavioral anomalies rather than monitoring apps.

Security everyone can understand

Empower users to remediate 95% of threats on their own.

Anti-phishing enables safe browsing

Protect from the largest root cause of ransomware attacks.

Lightweight console

Distribute licenses easily and get real-time device health status.

2020 Lookout Mobile Phishing Report

Anti-phishing with 360-degree coverage

The most common start of a cyberattack is a phishing link and mobile devices have enabled new ways to send them to you. These risks no longer simply hide in email with 85 percent of phishing threats sent in a mix of messaging, social, gaming, productivity, news and travel apps.

We deliver the industry’s leading phishing protection for smartphones, tablets and Chromebooks without violating your privacy. Anytime your mobile device attempts to connect to a website, we automatically verify whether the site is harmful or not.

Anti-virus protects against mobile app malware

One of the most effective ways to trick users into installing malware is to disguise it as a useful or entertaining app. Of organizations that were compromised in 2019, app malware contributed to 21 percent of the incidents.

Since you cannot control the apps your employees download, Lookout continuously ensures devices are free of malware. When malware is detected, it walks them through the steps to remove the infected app and won’t allow access to business data until the issue has been resolved.

2020 Verizon MSI Report

Ensure employees connect to safe
Wi-Fi networks

When employees work from anywhere, coffee-shop and hotel Wi-Fi networks become your business network. Attackers can pose tempting fake Wi-Fi connections in an attempt to intercept and steal data.

The Lookout app on your employee’s mobile devices inspects Wi-Fi connections and alerts them when any are found to be insecure. This avoids the risk of data loss by preventing them from connecting to untrusted networks.

Keep the mobile OS secure

Mobile operating systems are more secure than desktop operating systems because they do not allow root access. To get around this, cybercriminals will trick your employees into installing apps that enables attackers to get root access by jailbreaking, or rooting the device. Once this happens, they can steal your data.

With Lookout, your employees will be alerted when an app enables their phone to be jailbroken or rooted. We will walk them through the process to remove the app and ensure the device is safe again.

Managing all mobile devices from a single console

The Lookout for SMB Console displays the health of all your employee’s devices, regardless of whether they are employee-or-company owned. Default settings make it quick and easy to get started. In addition, you can enroll new users, distribute licenses and manage software updates.

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