BYOD Increases Mobile Phishing, and Risks Have Never Been Higher

We've just published our Global State of Mobile Phishing report, which explores phishing trends and the risk they present to both your data and your financial bottom line.

Scammers Are Impersonating Singapore Post With Phishing Messages

Throughout 2022, threat actors have been masquerading as the postal service Singapore Post (SingPost) and one of Singapore’s leading telecommunications companies Singtel.

Beyond BEC: How Modern Phishing Has Evolved Past Email

Business email compromise (BEC) is big business for malicious actors. According to the 2021 FBI Internet Crime Report, BEC was responsible for $2.4 billion in cyber crimes.

Work & Life Have Intertwined The Need to Protect Against Phishing

Don't bring your personal life into the office; don't bring your work stuff home — these were already difficult tasks prior to the 2020 pandemic.

How to Protect Against SMS Phishing and Other Similar Attacks

Whenever a breach occurs, we always need to think about the lessons that can be learned. Here are my tips for keeping your organization safe from mobile phishing attacks.

When it Comes to Tax Season, There is No Safe Haven From Phishing

Tax-related phishing attacks have become so pervasive that the IRS issued an annual advisory as a warning to businesses and consumers.

Cyber Readiness and the Russia-Ukraine War

The cyber threats initially directed at Ukrainian government bodies and infrastructure could easily be targeted at other nations.

The Olympics & Burner Phones: What About the Safety of QR Codes?

While QR codes make navigating activities at the Games easy and contactless, it creates opportunities for them to be abused for phishing purposes.

Lookout CASB Named Major Player in 2021

IDC MarketScape validates Lookout for its Zero Trust solution that spans CASB, Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA), Data Loss Prevention (DLP) and endpoint security.

Telkomsel Partnership to Deliver Mobile Device/App Security

We're excited that Telkomsel has partnered with Lookout to launch Telkomsel Mobile Endpoint Protection (MEP) and Telkomsel Mobile App Protection (MAP).

FBI Cries Foul on Rise in “Vishing” Volume

On August 20, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) issued a warning about the rise in vishing attacks.

Got MDM? Here Are Five Reasons Why You Still Need Mobile Security

MDM is a valuable component of an organization’s mobile strategy. But you also need mobile security to make sure your sensitive data is protected.

Mobile Phishing Is Spiking Around the World

Here at Lookout, we often work with organizations on their cybersecurity needs depending on geographical or industry sector priorities.

Mobile Phishing Encounters Surged by 37% With Work-From-Home

Mobile Phishing Spotlight Report - Lookout revealed that enterprise mobile phishing encounter rates surged 37% between the last quarter of 2019 and the first quarter of 2020.

Unified Endpoint Security: Lookout and VMware Carbon Black

With this UES solution, security teams can use a centralized dashboard to monitor the security of all endpoints accessing resources – both mobile and fixed endpoints.

Phishing Attack Targeting UN Discovered by Lookout Phishing AI

Lookout Phishing AI has detected a mobile-aware phishing campaign targeting non-governmental organizations around the world, including UNICEF.

Protecting Government Agencies From Phishing Attacks

Lookout Phishing & Content Protection is designed to keep the public sector secure from phishing attacks in a mobile-first world. Learn more today.

Protecting the Financial Services Industry From Phishing Attacks

Lookout Phishing and Content Protection is designed to keep financial services secure from phishing attacks in the mobile-first, cloud-first and perimeter-less world.

Protecting the Healthcare Industry From Phishing Attacks

Lookout Phishing & Content Protection is designed to keep healthcare organizations secure from phishing attacks in a mobile-first world. Learn more today.

5 Steps in the Mobile Phishing Kill Chain

In order for enterprises to protect their users and corporate data from modern phishing attacks, they must first understand how mobile phishing attacks work.

Mobile Phishing Protection: Defend Against HTTPS Phishing Attacks

With Lookout deployed, enterprises have comprehensive mobile phishing protection, ensuring that their corporate data is secure in today’s mobile-first world.

Phishing AI Discovers New Mobile-First Phishing Campaign

Lookout Phishing AI reports a new, sophisticated phishing kit designed for mobile users targeting Verizon customers.

Lookout Researchers Disable Android Malware

Lookout researchers have disabled DressCode, an Android malware family, with their click fraud business model and malware designed to evade detection in novel ways.

Texts and Their Impact on Election Campaign Security

Lookout recognized that mobile devices could influence the elections, so that is why we held a special briefing on Capitol Hill in early October.

Stealth Mango and Tangelo | Surveillanceware Stealing Data

Lookout Security Intelligence has discovered Android and iOS surveillanceware tools targeting govt. officials, diplomats, military personnel, and activists.

Mobile Phishing: The Biggest Unsolved Problem in Cybersecurity

Mobile phishing brings together new channels for phishing employees and reduced screen size, causing one of the biggest problems businesses have faced in cybersecurity yet.

Mobile Persistent Threat Actor Running Global Espionage Campaign

Lookout and Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) have discovered Dark Caracal, a persistent and prolific actor running a global espionage campaign.

The Global State of Mobile Phishing Report

Mobile phishing attacks are the tip of the spear for more advanced campaigns that pose serious risk to your data.

Energy Industry Threat Report

The energy industry is a prime target for attacks as mobile threats like phishing and app encounter rate is higher than other industries. Discover what these threats mean.

Rise in Mobile Phishing Credential Theft Targeting U.S. Public Sector

Lookout data reveals that U.S. government organizations are increasingly targeted by credential stealing mobile attacks and exposed to hundreds of vulnerabilities.

The Pharmaceutical Threat Report

Access the Pharmaceutical Threat Report to better understand the risks mobile devices have introduced into your organization with Lookout today.

Mobile Phishing: Myths and Facts Facing Every Enterprise

Phishing on mobile is the biggest unsolved cybersecurity problem in the enterprise today. This is because phishing is both different and more problematic on the mobile device.

A Day in the Life of Manufacturing IP

5 security gaps driven by digital transformation

U.S. Federal Mobile Threats

Lookout analyzed its mobile security data to provide a view into the current mobile security risks facing US Federal government mobile users.

How Manufacturers Can Mitigate Mobile Phishing Risks

From the inherent risks of cloud apps to the ongoing need to protect intellectual property and maintain industry compliance. Learn how to protect your manufacturing business.

EA Games Credentials Leaked via Slack Cookies

Attackers were able to gain access to EA's infrastructure with employee credentials in cookies from Slack and exfiltrate almost 1TB of data.

Flubot Smishing

Attackers are using phone numbers leaked from Facebook to socially engineer mobile users into downloading malicious apps infected with the FluBot banking trojan

Mobile Phishing Attacks on Australian Government

Australian government officials were targeted by a mobile phishing campaign through Telegram and WhatsApp, where attackers could send messages on their behalf.

Office 365 Account Takeovers

The expanded remote workforce has increased organizations’ threat surface in the cloud, which resulted in a surge of attacks and breaches on Microsoft Office 365 services.

Cybercriminals Want Your Organization’s Login Credentials

Read why government agencies need protection against endpoint threats.cDownload the infographic now to get the stats

Your App Is Your Business

Embed security into the apps your patients and staff use to protect your practice.

How We Empower Your Attorneys to Securely Telecommute

Lookout protects your legal practice against mobile and phishing attacks.

Don’t Let Mobile Devices Tip the Scales

To better secure your firm, understand the threats mobile devices introduce.

How We Protect Law Firms From Phishing

Lookout phishing secures your attorneys from phishing without violating their privacy.

Cybercriminals Want Secret Pharma Recipes

Learn how to mitigate risks of a data breach across your supply chain.

Twitter Phone Spear Phishing

This Twitter phone spear phishing attack compromised the accounts of influential individuals and exemplifies the effectiveness of voice phishing, also known as vishing.

Chinese Surveillanceware

The Lookout Threat Intelligence team discovered four Android surveillanceware tools used to target the Uyghur ethnic minority group.

Lookout + Trustonic Partnership Brief

Mobile apps have become a key part of everyday life to manage everything from booking travel to handling finances. This rise has also led to more attacks.

Lookout Phishing and Content Protection

Phishing is the primary tool used by attackers to gain access to your organization’s network. Learn more about Lookout Phishing and Content Protection.

Identifying Phishing Attacks Targeting Verizon Customers

Lookout recently discovered a new phishing attack targeting Verizon customers. The attacker developed a mobile specific site designed to resemble a Verizon app.

Mobile Threats: NotCompatible.C

Mobile device attacks are highlighting security shortcomings and exposing sensitive data and personal information at an alarming rate.

Prevent Phishing Campaign Demo Video

Lookout has tracked the evolution of the cybercrime group responsible and the increased technical sophistication of the latest variant, NotCompatible.C.

The Four Biggest Threats to Financial Services

With mobile as a catalyst for digital transformation in financial services, organizations must secure all users, devices, apps, and data —from endpoints to the cloud.

Post-Perimeter Security for Field Agents

Survey reveals phishing attacks targeting remote government field agents on mobile devices.

How Lookout Phishing and Content Protection Works

Phishing is the primary tool used by attackers to gain access to your organization’s network. Lookout data shows that up to 25% of employees are fooled in phishing tests.

Mobile Phishing Killchain Infographic

Lookout defends mobile users against phishing, app, device, and network-based attacks. By protecting users, Lookout secures the corporate data accessed from those devices.

Mobile App Threat Killchain

Mobile app threats are prevalent and can be difficult to detect. The most common examples are sideloaded and unsecured apps, but there are many other forms.

Financial Services Mobile Apps Are Under Attack

Phishing is more problematic on mobile

Don’t Let Mobile Devices Cause the Next Big Heist

Financial services industry employees and customers rely on tablets and smartphones and threat actors are constantly finding ways to exploit them to access cloud infrastructure.

Lookout Mobile Phishing and Content Protection

Find out how PCP protects organizations against phishing attacks and inappropriate content.

Attack Targeting UN and NGOs

This campaign targeted non-governmental organizations around the world, including but not limited to UN and humanitarian organizations.

Lookout and Microsoft Securing BYOD Together

Together, Microsoft and Lookout provide comprehensive mobile security for Office 365 BYOD users

Fake Government Sites Targeting SMBs

Phishing AI's discovery of a campaign impersonating local County/State government sites in order to steal PII of business owners

Mobile-Only Canadian Banking Campaign

Phishing AI's early discovery of a mobile-only phishing campaign targeting Canadian banking customer

Attack Targeting AT&T Corporate Employees

Phishing AI discovered this campaign targeting AT&T employees on mobile devices.

Phishing AI Actively Detects Early Signals of Phishing Sites

Most cyber attacks targeting the enterprise begin with phishing. To combat this, Lookout developed Phishing AI to identify early signals of attacks and provide early warning.

Nation State Mobile Surveillanceware Using Phishing To Con Victims

Lookout Security Intelligence has discovered a set of custom Android and iOS surveillanceware tools we’re respectively calling Stealth Mango and Tangelo.

Lookout Mobile Phishing Protection: Visibility and Protection Against Sophisticated Mobile Phishing Threats

Phishing is the primary tool used by attackers to gain access to your organization’s network. Lookout data shows that 1 in 50 enterprise users are phished on mobile daily

Lookout and Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security

With Lookout and Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS), organizations are able to enable their employees while protecting sensitive data accessed by mobile devices.

Lookout Mobile Endpoint Security Datasheet

See how Lookout protects your organization against mobile threats and data leakage.